Here is a guide on how to protect yourself from individuals who display manipulative and narcissistic behaviour.

To deal effectively with individuals who are manipulative and narcissistic, the most effective approach is to remove any responsibility from them. This includes giving up control of your life, emotions and allocation of your time and energy. By consistently implementing this strategy as a basis, you will find relief in your circumstances. Taking personal responsibility can be a big step forward, but it is undoubtedly the most effective method of dealing with manipulative-narcissistic individuals around you.
Pay no attention to them.

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Are you able to identify yourself one of the seven female archetypes that comprise the realm of mystical feminine wisdom?

Navigating the twists and turns of important life milestones is made easier with the guidance of the seven female archetypes. By delving into the roles of the girl, the mother, the wise woman, the hunter, the mystic, the lover and the queen, you will gain valuable insights into your own behavioural patterns and tendencies. Take a moment to reflect and identify which of these archetypes resonates most strongly with your own experiences and sense of self.

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Messages given by your spiritual guides.

Have you ever experienced repeated encounters with double digits, butterflies fluttering down on you or a persistent word? These events may be more than a coincidence. They may be signs from the universe, but what do they mean? Welcome to the world of Signs of the Universe.

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some mirrors are charged by a dog or cat

Did you know that some mirrors are charged by letting a dog or cat look into them first ? Why do they do that ? They say a dog and cat see very far and can see very well even at night . Furthermore, one says wang dagu e yere sani sa joe no mang yere. A dagu kan smeri sang joe no smeri . The same goes for a cat. People also sometimes let a baby look in ! They do so because they say the child is still innocent and pure and that is why the mirror starts clean and pure. These are secrets all known to experienced paiy and dumans. The Mirror then becomes more powerful and one can perceive a lot because of this. Things like feelings and detail informative. Also, such a mirror gives real images and symbols. As a result, such a mirror acts almost like and television.

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