Rachida Kacimi (Medium Layla-ki)

Rachida Kacimi (Medium Layla-ki)

Under the alias Layla-ki, I had the immense pleasure of working with psychic Eddie& consultants,,topparnosten over a remarkable period of 15 years
During my journey as a Layla-ki, I have been privileged to assist people from different backgrounds and walks of life, regardless of age, economic status or cultural heritage. From addressing mental hurdles to solving problems with ancestral spirits and even expelling unwanted entities, my reputation as a healer has spread far and wide. Whatever the challenge, I have been there to lend a helping hand.

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I would like to thank Layla-ki for the pleasant conversation and valuable advice. Layla-ki's insightful analyses confirmed my own feelings. I eagerly await their return and once again express my sincere thanks!

Layla-ki provided an incredibly enjoyable and insightful photo reading, revealing information she couldn't possibly have known. The conversation was delightful and incredibly enjoyable!

Layla-ki, thank you so much for your excellent work! You really are the best! ❤️

I can highly recommend Layla-ki! I have full confidence in her, especially considering that her earlier prediction came true exactly as she expected. Thank you very much for this insightful reading!

d:Layla-ki I feel that I am increasingly engaged in the here and now, that I am enjoying the little things more and more. Enjoyment had kind of disappeared from my life and everything went on autopilot.

Saq: Layla-ki I started the exercises and I can sleep again for years due to my rapid development. It's like a miracle has happened. Thanks for the push in the right direction! You are helping an awful lot of people with this!

Under the cloak of anonymity:
Layla-ki is absolutely incredible!

Layla-ki is an excellent intermediary! ;)

Layla-ki possesses extraordinary character and skills as a medium.

Layla-ki is absolutely amazing! I have been looking for her guidance and expertise for quite some time. Not only does she have exceptional timekeeping skills, she also provides invaluable help. I am incredibly grateful for everything, dear Layla.

Unfortunately, during our recent conversation, I missed the opportunity to express my gratitude to you. You are really great, and I wanted to thank you very much. Rest assured, I will keep you updated as soon as I hear from him. Warm regards, S.


I would like to express my sincere thanks for our delightful conversation! Layla-ki really stands out as a remarkable individual and comes highly recommended. Sending lots of love! XXX

Hello Layla Ki, I must say that your voice is absolutely beautiful and captivating. It is really unfortunate that our conversation was abruptly cut off due to a connection problem. It seems it is specifically a problem with my phone. However, you can rest assured that I will contact you again in the near future. Greetings! X
Indeed, numerous predictions have come true, bringing a sense of excitement and fulfilment! ? ?? ?❤

Under the cloak of anonymity:
I recently had a conversation with Layla Ki and was deeply impressed by her unwavering confidence in the accuracy of her statements. I highly recommend her. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that she has exceptional typing speed.

Layla-ki possesses remarkable clarity in her predictions, all of which have proven accurate. She is also known for her attentive listening and sincere advice, which makes her a truly lovely and valuable lady. Many thanks to her.

We entered into a meaningful dialogue that brought new clarity. I express my gratitude to Layla Ki for this insightful exchange and assure her that further communication will undoubtedly follow. Sending warm regards. Xxx S.

Consistent clarity, speed and precision. A source of joy and unwavering support in difficult times.

Hey Layla, I must say it was great talking to you. It's like a burden has fallen off my shoulders. Your predictions give me so much confidence. If they turn out to be true, I will definitely leave another review. Sending you lots of love! X

Layla-ki, oh how wonderful she is! Every day I seek your guidance, and you always give a calm and consistent answer. Every word she utters contains truth and manifests reality! You are my saviour, the one who knows me as the individual plagued by fears beginning with the letter P.

Layla-ki's accurate predictions continue to manifest, further confirming her abilities. ❤

A woman of genuine kindness and warmth, Layla-ki possesses a keen awareness of her surroundings. She makes no unnecessary digressions and instead supports you with her unwavering support. Gratitude is due to Layla Ki for her invaluable presence. Without a doubt, you truly deserve appreciation. xxx

Layla-ki is truly remarkable, though her talent may not be reflected in the limited number of reviews. Nevertheless, she continues to impress, and I encourage her to continue with her exceptional work.

Layla-ki, you are truly exceptional! Your wisdom and unwavering patience are much appreciated. I send you much love and gratitude! XXX

During our conversation, Layla-ki showed remarkable clarity in her answers. She approached each question meticulously and took time to explore the details before putting forward her honest point of view. I highly recommend engaging with this kind-hearted person. Her skill is truly commendable. Thank you, Layla-ki, for your valuable input. I patiently await further updates from you.

Valentine, a name that evokes feelings of love and affection.
I express my gratitude to you, dear Layla-ki. Your keen observation skills have left me in awe; I hardly needed to ask anything. Your insights have given me great satisfaction. May you have a wonderful evening. XXX

Layla-ki, your initial assessment was wrong. I had a feeling it would only take a week, and it turned out I was right. However, it took six days for you to realise this. Quite surprising, isn't it? (Sometimes reviews don't get posted, but again I appreciate your help.)

Layla-ki really shines as a champion here ❤.... she possesses an exceptional ability to perceive things with utmost accuracy and provide comprehensive and sincere insights. I wholeheartedly support her with everyone!!! I am immensely grateful for the guidance she offered regarding my soulmate! XXX

Layla-ki, with her beautiful and clear perspective, bestowed upon me a truly remarkable insight. Topper, I express my sincere gratitude for all you have done! xxx

Layla-ki is absolutely amazing! Her vision is incredibly astute.

Frequent patron:
Layla-ki's unfailing accuracy has been a constant source of amazement as I repeatedly come to you with identical questions and yet always fail to give you insightful answers - truly a treasure!

Layla-ki, your second prediction within a week turned out to be remarkably accurate, which impressed me. I would like to contact you again as soon as possible. Warm regards, S.

Hello my beloved Layla-ki, you have observed it accurately for three days! Now let's get on with the rest. Thank you very much.

Layla-ki is thriving, although my internet connection behaved strangely. I hope for another delightful consultation with this kind-hearted lady! Your skills are truly exceptional! Thank you and until we meet again! Warmest regards, Sam


Much preferable

Rachida Kacimi


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