Surinamese Gypsy fortune-telling cards

Gypsy divination cards are an oracle created from ordinary playing cards around the 16th century decomposed a subset consisting of 37 cards with images relating to facets of everyday life. Reading gypsy cards is used to get answers to questions in all kinds of areas; answers that should lead to greater insight into our self to the world around us. See what insights the Surinamese gypsy cards can give you here.


Many people experience a fascination with the Surinamese Gypsy cards because of their gift of predicting the future. No people in the world let their intuitive ability speak as strongly as Surinamese gypsy. Some Surinamese gypsies fled inland because to develop their gift, There they could talk well with their guides with the help of horse or walking they travelled to the forest around. They made their own boarding ground on which they planted vegetables and cassava sometimes they hunted animals or fetched

fish from the river that is how they made a living, their clothes they sometimes made from the skins of animals .It was mainly the gift of foretelling the future and making their utmost known and their rituals.

The origins of the Surinamese gypsies are said to be originally in Africa,their future predictions through the colourful maps.

The origins of when it all happened in Suriname are not entirely clear. Cultural events began in the 16th century. The Surinamese gypsy cards predict events and encounters. If you are able to read these, you have an extra asset to organise your life and once you know how it works you will avoid a lot of problems.

For example, is my partner cheating, or am I going to get another job where I can earn more money.