Drawing cards

Map draw

Draw a gypsy card here

Have the questions in your head and shuffle the cards. No topic is too crazy. Even if it's about love, money or work. The cards will give answers to your questions.

Draw a maximum of four cards

One gypsy day card per day!

With this laying, you can keep in mind the question you are looking for answers to today, or surprise yourself and choose one of these cards. You can draw daily cards at any time in your daily life.


review the day

This card reading is ideal if you don't have a specific question in mind. Cards of the Day provides a framework for everything that comes your way today and can be both relaxing and inspiring for many.

A Gypsy interpretation can be said to be a lens through which you can see the situation of the day. Moreover, Day Cards can help you deal with everyday challenges in work, communication, health, finances and relationships.

What is my gypsy day card for today?
What is my gypsy thank-you card for today?
What am I not seeing (or am I overlooking) in this case?
What should I think about in this situation?
what do you do next
What results can I expect if I do "this"?
What am I running into in this situation?

It is always good to be able to start immediately with a gypsy answer. This is not always the case. If you don't like the answer or it is unclear, don't draw another card right away. Give yourself time to absorb the meaning of this card.

If you've drawn a lousy day card, don't give up on it. Calmly see if that gypsy card touches on something you can do about it. If you are running around like a thundercloud and draw the gypsy card The Untruth, that could be a sign that you need to do something with your mood.

People worried about Gypsy divination, what to do now?
I often get emails from people who have used a gypsy card reading programme or drawn their own cards and now cannot sleep with fear because they think the cards predict something terrible. This is not what tarot reading is for, and it runs the risk of sending you into a vicious cycle where you unconsciously and unintentionally attract potentially unwanted events.
Because I know that if I get a lot of emails, more people will walk around with fear and keep quiet about it, so I wrote this in the hope of allaying those fears. Because you don't have to worry about reading gypsy cards.
If the gypsy reading is negative, there is something wrong with the interpretation, the question is incorrect, or the gypsy reading is not "ready".

No card is negative and cards should be read in the light of each other and the question.
Also, and this is very important, Gypsy answers things you can influence, not things you can't!
So if you care about someone else's health and draw cards for it, you get an answer about what you yourself can do in the situation. Actually, the question is wrong, because you are asking about something outside your sphere of influence. This is a matter for doctors and other specialists. If you are worried, you probably draw a negative card, and usually the card's advice is not to dwell on that fear. It won't work for you, and neither will the person you are worried about. We also don't control the outcome of lawsuits. But the cards can give clues about your preparations, for example.

20 The message

This card features
of communication, which may be
in the form of a message.
It may not be positive,
it can also be a negative message. You do start looking at things differently because of this message.

10. Mental

The cleric symbolises
for your intuition, your (inner) guide
or a wise person. This card is associated with the religious and spiritual.

24. The widower

This card indicates loneliness.
In the positive sense, this means that you can be alone and stand yourself in this
keep. Despite feeling alone at the moment, this is often not the case. Take a good look around you at who is there for you. The people we need,
are often closer than we think or feel.

15. Death

Death does not stand alone
for ending, parting and dying.
It can also represent new beginnings. Let go of old (thinking) patterns or let
old sorrows go.
This way, you can start again.

36. The stability

This card represents balance between
the body, mind and spiritual. Balance is created on all levels
allowing you to relax. You now get the chance to get in views and
find peace.

34. The jealousy

This card represents envy, greed and self-interest.
You may feel jealous towards others,
but also that people are jealous
are on you. Jealousy can be a bad trait, so if you feel this try to change it as much as possible.

2 Meditation

This card can be either positive
as negative. It can mean
That you need to rethink what you are doing, on the other hand
it may actually mean that you think too much and therefore lack hope. This puts you off balance.
Besides thinking and mental, the meditation also symbolises friendships.

28. The hope

This card symbolises hope and expectation.
You can't lean backwards
In your seat, you need to start doing business yourself. This map shows
That it is a good time to start undertaking that is necessary to make your
make dreams or wishes come true.

21 Beloved

This card indicates your focus
should put on the women in your life
Or the feminine aspects in your life.

32. Love

This card symbolises
For everything around love.
It may be that you are going to see someone
met or that your partner is new
Surround yourself with people who are committed to
be your heart and you can pamper them from time to time.
Right now, they are important
for you.

31. the loss

Be on your guard because this card
symbolises everything to do with risk. It can also mean taking too much risk, or too little.

25. Wed

These women are loyal to each other
symbolises loyalty. You have
more need for evenness at the moment. You feel involved
to others and expects the same from
their back. The keywords of this card are loyalty, stability and security.

8. The money

This map shows that money
will play a big role in your situation or this moment in your life

35. The child

This card symbolises
children, for the inner child or childlike behaviour. It may be that
you have to search for your inner child, but also that you let childish behaviour
see and should, on the contrary, take on more responsibility. It can be combined
using the other cards, also sketch a situation about your own children

4. The gift

you can expect a gift
in the form of a pleasant situation
or event or a real gift. Today you will receive something that brings you joy.

18. The letter

You are going to receive a letter/phone call/app which provides new prospects.
You are open to this and feel curious. What will this message bring you?

6 Officer

This card may indicate predominant
Whether the upper hand comes from within yourself or from
another towards you. It also images authority, politics and authorities. So it may be that you are on some
way in contact with authorities

11. Glee

This card symbolises leisure, joy cosiness, enjoyment.
This card shows you that it's time
is to let go of responsibilities and obligations for a while
And may you have fun for a while.

7. The falsity

This card symbolises foul play
like chatter, people
With two faces etc. This map
indicates that there is a chance you are going to have a lot of contact today
come with falsity and bullying people. Keep making sure you are pure
stays and does not join in this behaviour. That way you stay pure and the other
gets his karma eventually.

29. Marriage

This card symbolises
contacts, relationships, agreements
and commitments. This map points
also on the loyalty of yourself to
your loved ones.

33. The enemy

This card represents quarrels, dishonesty revenge, opponent viciousness
and everything around hostility.
Watch carefully!

9. Visit

This card symbolises
The fact that you are going to have visitors,
gets an invitation or that you get a
going to visit someone.

1 The Beloved

This card indicates your focus
should lay on the men in your life
Or the masculine aspects in your life.

19. The accident

Right now, you are in an unregulated situation. Everything feels like a mess
in your life that you are not going to get out of. Everything around you is falling
(sometimes literally) apart. This stands
however, for a new beginning, even if
it was not how you had mapped it out.

3. The desire

This card symbolises a wish you love.
If this is your day card, it's a day
with high probability of answers where you
on hopes to desire. This card symbolises desire, expectations and sexual fantasies.

23. The widow

This card indicates isolation In the positive sense, it means you are
can be alone and sustain yourself in this
keep. Despite feeling alone at the moment, this is often not
so. Look carefully around you who is good for
you is. In your area people we need are often closer
than we think.

30. The poverty

This card means you are currently more financially dependent on others.
Try to accept this support
even if this is sometimes difficult.

5. The house

The house represents safety and security.
Your own home is the safe haven in most cases.
You want to surround yourself with loved ones
and loved ones.
Perhaps you need to unwind for a while or this is the time
to ask for support from your others

37 Pregnancy

Good chance you are pregnant or will become pregnant in the future

14. the surprise

This card represents merit
and a fluke. If you don't
expected things are going to change for the better for you

16. The journey

This card not only represents
That you are going to travel, but also for
That you are taking a spiritual journey within yourself. For example, it could also be a journey
indicate to the next stage of life.

13. The sadness

This is a card that indicates sadness, pain and fear is about to arrive
come. Remember that these are only moments
will be or a something of temporary
nature. The positive is coming again!

17. The disease

This card indicates that your physical condition or health is much
brooding is out of order. You may feel overtired or
dejected. Take some time and rest
for yourself. Only then can you recover physically.

12 The happiness

This card symbolises
for happiness, abundance and positivity.
If you are currently in a situation you want to get out of
is likely to happen soon.

22. The judge

This card represents authority
around legislation.If you have to find solutions yourself, don't do so in a hurry. Think carefully when you
is going to make the decision

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