Meanings and readings

Meaning of the Surinamese gypsy divination cards and readings

Beloved (male) 1

Beloved (Male) This card indicates that you should focus on men and the masculine side in your life. For the average man, it is a character card. If you make a beautiful lay for a man, it is his future. I have a question my male clients want to know. Then shuffle the cards well, put all the cards in a row and put the last card on the left. This is the main card and this is the most important in the current situation.


When a woman draws this card, it represents a loving husband, partner, friend or lover. Secondly, this card represents everything to do with physical masculinity. Such as strength, a strong body to rely on, guts and, of course, perseverance.

If you are looking straight ahead and heading straight for your goal, don't think you will miss it. Besides, it will never tolerate any resistance if you block its path. However, this card should not appear too dark. In the picture, a man in a white suit wants to live neatly and wait for what will happen. It is also possible that another side of him is emerging. You can see that the man has black pieces on his suit .

If the gift is next to the woman, the man wants to give the woman something, it could be a holiday something fun or a piece of jewellery, etc.
But if the cheating is next to the husband and the wife is next to it, the husband may have the wrong mindset; for example, he cheated,or the husband walks out but wants to keep it a secret from his wife.



Meaning: hope, expectation, wish.

A beautifully dressed woman looks out the balcony window. Maybe her boyfriend is finally coming home after a long absence, who knows? She secretly hoped he missed her too. Either way, this is a very sweet, sentimental card. It could also be that you have been looking for a child for so long and then there is a child card next to it, it could be that you will have a child, but it could also be that you are arguing, and then it is a new beginning between you, unfortunately not yet succeeded. But when he finally comes, will your long-cherished wish suddenly come true?

What is life without love, inspiration and hope?
If a man stands next to the message card and the woman lies next to it

That sudden message arrives in your mailbox. You may no longer think about it, but it makes you a little unwilling. You no longer think he no longer loves me.

sometimes you still have so many wishes with your loved one never give up courage


Beloved 21(woman)

This card indicates that you should put your focus on the women in your life, but it can also be about yourself. Or the feminine aspects in your life. For the woman if laid for her, it is the person card. If you do an extended laying for the woman, it's her future. You have a question in your mind what your female client would like to know, then you shuffle the cards well. You lay out all the cards and the last card, you put on the left side that is the main card and that is the most important thing going on in her situation right now.

Desire 3

This card symbolises a wish you love. If this is your card for today, it is a day that is likely to give you the answer you are looking for. This card symbolises desires, expectations and sexual fantasies. Maybe you have some wish for you, but maybe you are ready for a new home.

Jealousy 34

This card represents envy, greed and self-interest. It could be that you feel jealous towards others, but also that people can be jealous of you. Jealousy can be a bad trait, so if you feel this try to avoid it as much as possible.

Widower 24

This card indicates isolation. In the positive sense, it means that you can be alone and sustain yourself in this. Despite feeling alone at the moment, this is often not the case. Look carefully around you to see who is good for you. In your environment. People we need are often closer than we think. You think carefully about a situation before you can take the next step.

Stability 36

This card represents balance between the body, mind and spiritual. Balance is created on all levels, allowing you to relax. You now get the chance to get in sights and
find your peace, but it may also be that there is or will be a person who is stable that will calm you down.

Surprise 14

This card represents merit
and a fluke. If you don't
expected things are going to change for the better for you.
You may also find that something unexpected comes your way regarding friendship or a relationship form.

Money 8

This map shows that money
will play a big role in your situation or right now in your life. For example, money problems or you still need to save for something. It could also be that you will still get money that you have lent money to.

Love 32

This card symbolises everything around love. It could be that you are about to meet someone or that a new
one is breathed into your relationship. Or that someone is in love with you. Surround yourself with people who are attached to your heart and you can pamper them from time to time. Right now, they are important to you.

Message 20

This card is all about communication. Which may be in the form of a message. Your guide may come to tell you something. It may not be positive. It could also be a negative message. You will look at things differently because of this message.

Luck 12

This card symbolises happiness, abundance and positivity. If you are currently in a situation you want to get out of, chances are it will happen soon. It could also be that you want something badly in your life and you have been fighting for it for a while. You have to go through certain phases first. Through your fighting spirit, you will eventually succeed and more happiness will come your way.

Illness 17

This card indicates that your physical condition or health is not right. You may be feeling overtired or dejected. Take some time and rest for yourself. Only then can you recover physically. It could be that someone close to you is sick or the person is brooding a lot. You may have sleepless nights yourself

Sadness 13

This is a card indicating that sadness, pain and fear are coming. Remember that these will only be moments or something temporary. The positive is coming again! It could be that you are sad about someone or something is not going through.

Poverty 30

This card means you are currently more financially dependent on others. Try to accept this support, even if it is sometimes difficult. It also represents when someone has money problems or has incurred a lot of expenses.

Visit 9

This card symbolises that you are going to have a visit, an invitation or that you are going to pay a visit to someone. Or your guide may come by in your dreams.

Trip 16

This card not only represents
That you are going to travel, but also for
That you are taking a spiritual journey that is your own. It can also indicate a journey to the next stage of life, for example. It also represents that you have to go a long distance to work, for example.

Widow 23

This card indicates isolation. In the positive sense, it means that you can be alone and sustain yourself in this. Despite feeling alone at the moment, this is often not
so. Look carefully around you who is good for
you is. In your environment people we need are often closer than we think. You think carefully about a situation before you can take the next step.

Death 15

Death does not only represent an end, goodbye and dying. It can also stand for a new beginning. Let go of old (thinking) patterns or let go of old grief. In this way, you can start again. It is an end of a situation. The new is about to begin. You have had a lot of sadness in your life with relationships. As a result, you have the thought that you will never get the love you want again. And look there he is and this one is totally different from your previous relationships. There will be a total change in your life the old you can then let go of.

Child 35

This card symbolises children, the inner child or childlike behaviour. It could be that you need to search for your inner child, but also that you show childish behaviour and actually need to be more responsible. In combination with the other cards, it can also outline a situation about your own children. It could also be that your partner longs for you to have a child or there will be
a new beginning for you.

Right 22

This card represents authority around legislation.If you have to seek solutions yourself, don't do so in a hurry. Think carefully when you
going to make the decision, but it can also represent a lot of struggles with yourself or with another person, but it can also be that you have struggles over your child.

House 5

The house represents safety, security and contract.
Your own home is the safe haven in most cases. You want to surround yourself with loved ones
and loved ones. Perhaps you need it to unwind for a while or this is the time
To ask for support from others. It can also stand along with the card of change that a house will soon come your way that you have been waiting for a long time.

Meditation 2

meditation This card can be either positive or negative. It can mean rethinking what you are doing. On the other hand, it can actually mean overthinking and hopelessness. This causes you to get out of balance. Besides thought and mind, meditation also symbolises friendship. You can also meditate with the help of your guide. It brings you back into balance.


Forgery 7

This card symbolises viciousness such as chatter, two-faced people etc. This card indicates that there is a chance you are going to encounter a lot of viciousness and bullying from people today. Keep making sure you stay pure and don't join in with this behaviour. This way, you will remain pure and the other person will get their karma eventually. It can also stand for the fact that you are very hardworking and also very frugal. You know how to handle money very well, but around you you have all fake people who don't try their best with work they think with their fake thinking to see how they can get money from you.For you, it is a lesson not to go along with that.

Pregnancy 37

Chances are you are pregnant or going to get pregnant in the future. It can also represent a new beginning or something new that is going to happen in your life.

Glee 11

This card symbolises leisure, joy, sociability and enjoyment.
This card shows you that it is time to let go of responsibilities and obligations for a while and you may have some fun.
Or it states that you are going to be happy with a person.

Loss 31

Be on your guard because this card
symbolises everything to do with risk. It can also mean taking too much risk or too little. It could also be loss with money or your holiday falling through.

Mental 10

The spiritual one symbolises your intuition, your (inner) guide or a wise person. This card is connected to the religious and spiritual. It also represents being guided by your guides.

Wed 25

These women are loyal to each other. It symbolises fidelity. You need more evenness at this time. You feel committed to others and expect the same in return. The keywords of this card are; loyalty, stability and security. If you draw this card, you will start to feel more security and stability in your life.

Gift 4

you can expect a gift in the form of a pleasant situation, someone is very fond of you and sees you as their gift. Or an event or a real gift. Today you will receive something that gives you pleasure.

Enemy 33

This card represents quarrels, dishonesty revenge, adversary, viciousness
and everything around hostility. Watch carefully! The card may say, for example, that the person wants to get revenge on you.

Letter 18

You're about to receive a letter, phone call or app that creates new prospects. You are open to this and feel curious. What is this message going to bring you? But it can also be so sometimes a client asks me when am I going to hear from my loved one? If you lay a whole lay you will see approximately the time when the person is going to contact you

Officer 6

This card may indicate predominant
Whether the upper hand comes from within yourself or from
another towards you. The image can also indicate authority, politics and authorities. So it could be that you are somehow in touch with authorities. It could also be that you get notice from the tax authorities and with the card the gift could be some money coming to you.

Hope 28

This card symbolises hope and expectation. You cannot lean backwards
in your chair, but you need to start taking action yourself. This card shows that it is a good time to start doing whatever it takes to make your dreams or wishes come true. It can also represent when someone is in love with you and has every hope of being
is going to make you love him or her

Marriage 29

This card symbolises contacts, relationships, agreements and commitments. This card also indicates loyalty from yourself to your loved ones. If a client were to ask you are I going to get a business contract and the marriage is there then the person is going to get the deal.

Widow 23

This card indicates isolation In the positive sense, it means that you can be alone and hold yourself up in this. Despite feeling alone at the moment, this is often not the case. Look carefully around you who is good for you. In your surroundings people we need are often closer than we think. But it can also represent that there's a lot of negative time around you and you're fretting and grinding out how to get out of this if in your laying the card of the
love then it always works out then there will always be a way out.

Thief 27

The thief represents not only literal theft, but also dishonesty and a theft of your feelings. You can tell from the surrounding cards what kind of loss or theft is involved. You may find yourself dealing with someone who cannot be trusted. It is often better to let go of these issues so that you can grow further. If the thief is with your love but the card of love is also with it then he does love you but on the other hand he also wants to take something from you you will then always have to stay on your guard.


This card symbolises the fact that you are going to have a visit, an invitation or that you are going to pay a visit to someone.
It may also say that you then go to your job application. If the travel card is there then someone is coming to you from afar or you have to travel for it.


Right now, you are in a chaotic situation. Everything feels like a mess you are not going to get out of. Everything around you is falling apart (sometimes literally). However, this represents a fresh start, even if it's not how you planned it. It can also represent that you are in a situation what you feel a lot of grief about that makes you very restless.

Sadness 26

This card symbolises stubbornness, aggression, strife and sadness. Conflicts may arise. When conflicts arise, try to be the 'wisest' or 'most mature' one. Otherwise, these conflicts will only intensify.
It can stand for when the widower is next door you have lost a loved one or a close friend who has hurt you a lot.

Small leggings

You shuffle the cards with the question in your mind. Then you put down three piles you get to choose between pile 1,2,or 3. When you have chosen you lay out the pile and then see the answer to your question. You could also go one step further you add up all the numbers, then divide as I explain at the square. Then you have essence.

Legging square

Taking the question in your mind, you then draw 4 cards. First card the image of your personal input.

Map 2
The image that works in my favour.

Map 3
Image what can bring me.

Map 4
Image what can make it difficult. Then when you are done with this, you give the advice to yourself or the client.

The essentials add up
5 + 1 + 20 + 7 = 33 3 + 3 = 6 then you take the card that has number 6 on it, for example, and that's your answer.