What are the costs? is a support service for women and men from the Netherlands, Belgium,Germany, the united States, Suriname, the Antilles and Bonaire.

You can start a consultation from as little as 1.20 per min.
I started this help service because I saw many problems in the social field. I also went back and forth from Suriname to the Netherlands for two years, and to Morocco in between. In addition, I have been on TV in Suriname to give women and men tools in their lives.
This was a lot on the relationship front, but people can also go to other areas.

  • Consultation for half an hour vide call costs 40 euros for the Netherlands ,
  • consultation by tel please call 09091113777
  • For people from Suriname who have less to spend, I have a phone number they can contact.
  • This at number: 005978490976via app
  • Astrology
  • An e-mail consultation costs 30 euros
  • It is about yourself and how you are put together but a consultation by email is also allowed.