Messages given by your spiritual guides.

Messages received by your spiritual guides.

Have you ever experienced repeated encounters with double digits, butterflies fluttering down on you or a persistent word? These events may be more than a coincidence. They may be signs from the universe, but what do they mean? Welcome to the world of Signs of the Universe.

Signs are the main means by which the universe enters our physical reality. They are carriers of spiritual concepts that gain meaning by becoming part of our lives. They are not rigid, lifeless aspects, but vital, functional reflections of the dynamic interplay of forces in the universe.

When you get a sign, it is probably immediately clear to you what it means. If you don't understand a sign right away, there are a number of ways to interpret it. All logos have their uses because they all have their own angle. No matter how you interpret a symbol, it is all about the meaning you derive from it. You can see each sign as a new revelation, but you can also see signs acquired over time as a piece of information .

1. Double number

elf. The essence of this issue is the development of intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual healing and other metaphysical qualities.
twenty-two. The essence of this song is the limitless potential of mastery in all areas, not only mental but also physical, emotional and spiritual.
Thirty-three. Anything is possible.

2. Butterfly

This is a powerful sign of new beginnings on a higher level. The caterpillar turns into a butterfly, a sign that this sign can herald the emergence of new beauty and new consciousness. It can also signify a time of rebirth and transformation. In early cultures, butterflies represented the soul or life itself. Have you been reborn?
A butterfly is also a butterfly that flies from one butterfly to another without actually making contact with anyone. Can you tell?
Butterflies can be a symbol of joy and happiness.

3. money

If you see money everywhere, it probably means you are in good financial shape.
This sign can remind you to pay more attention to your finances for now.

4. Rainbow

A rainbow is a blessing no matter where you are in the world. Seeing a rainbow brings blessings to yourself, your relationships and what you do in life. A message from Spirit that you are on the right path, that the path is blessed and that you are being guided. It is clearly a sign of joy, celebration and achievement. If you are going through hardships, this sign shows that you have made it and that there is new hope. A rainbow signifies the end of anger and despair.

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