some mirrors are charged by a dog or cat

some mirrors are charged by a dog or cat
Honourable members,
Did you know that some mirrors are charged by letting a dog or cat look into them first ? Why do they do that ? They say a dog and cat see very far and can see very well even at night . Furthermore, one says wang dagu e yere sani sa joe no mang yere. A dagu kan smeri sang joe no smeri . The same goes for a cat. People also sometimes let a baby look in ! They do so because they say the child is still innocent and pure and that is why the mirror starts clean and pure. These are secrets all known to experienced paiy and dumans. The Mirror then becomes more powerful and one can perceive a lot because of this. Things like feelings and detail informative. Also, such a mirror gives real images and symbols. As a result, such a mirror acts almost like and television.
People more often say no feti leki kraboe ini bari. Did you know that one can use crabs to influence people. Fighting the crabs when they are in overflowing barrel is called ok kraboe law(they go crazy). By giving someone's picture a certain treatment and throwing it into such a barrel of fighting crabs, the person can become as insane as how the crabs are at that moment. Fortunately, this ritual can also be reversed by doing almost the same actions. I stress that this is not a recipe
 is to do because there is a lot more involved and the consequences for the person doing it will not be pretty , this is not meant to encourage people to go and do this or incite them to do this.
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