Are you able to identify yourself one of the seven female archetypes that comprise the realm of mystical feminine wisdom?

Are you able to identify yourself within one of the seven female archetypes that comprise the realm of mystical feminine wisdom?

Navigating the twists and turns of important life milestones is made easier with the guidance of the seven female archetypes. By delving into the roles of the girl, the mother, the wise woman, the hunter, the mystic, the lover and the queen, you will gain valuable insights into your own behavioural patterns and tendencies. Take a moment to reflect and identify which of these archetypes resonates most strongly with your own experiences and sense of self.

Each archetype serves as a milestone on the winding path of significant life experiences. Embracing this priceless existence involves reclaiming your self-assurance and embracing life wholeheartedly as a vibrant and bold journey.
If you go on a journey, you can expect a captivating and exhilarating emotional journey. This expedition brings a deep sense of wonder and excitement, as well as a re-awakening of the enchantment and fascination that may have been forgotten.

What is the meaning of archetypes?

Gaining insight into the various female archetypes, such as the maid, mother, wise woman, huntress, mystic, mistress and queen, can provide valuable insight into one's current behavioural patterns. Through this exploration, individuals can discover the reasons behind their relational dynamics, career choices and body-mind processes. It is important to recognise that we embody all these archetypes at different stages of our lives. Moreover, when we incorporate the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether - into our healing practices, we draw from an unlimited source of energy.

The archetypes offer a blank slate that can be used to stimulate your intuition and gain insight into the workings of your mind. The creative force within you will unearth old stories and present circumstances that will help you live life as a boundless journey of creativity. The boundless knowledge embedded in the archetypes is a valuable asset on this expedition. You will encounter profound revelations that act as a personal compass and guide you in determining your current location, your desired destination and the path to reach it.

The classification of women into seven different archetypes has received a lot of attention and recognition. These archetypes serve as a framework to understand and analyse the different roles and characteristics that women embody.


The main point conveyed is:

Discover the power to transcend fear and embrace your true purpose by cultivating creativity, forgiveness and courage. This transformative journey will lead you to ultimate fulfilment, symbolised by the maiden's triumphant return.
The concept of Mother Earth can be likened to an equation or formula.

The embodiment of the mother figure radiates balance and benevolence. Every action she takes possesses constructive and invigorating energy.
Dark side:

The darker aspects of her personality manifest in acts of selflessness, dependence on others and a constant state of fatigue.

The main instruction point is as follows:

To experience healing, liberation and abundance, it is essential to embrace a transformative practice of radical self-love. By doing so, one can overcome feelings of inadequacy and scarcity, enabling personal growth and fulfilment. Moreover, nurturing one's ancestral lineage from one's mother can facilitate a deep connection with the nurturing essence of the earth, allowing the maternal instinct within oneself to blossom.
The woman of wisdom: a healer of water.

Her exceptional ability lies in her ability to cultivate, discern and metamorphose her emotional journey. The essence of her healing ability and perceptive channels are channelled through the elemental power of water.

Hidden within every individual lies a shadow side, a realm that remains hidden and often unrecognised. This shadow side includes the aspects of our being that we choose to suppress, ignore or deny. It is the repository of our deepest fears, insecurities and untapped desires. While the conscious self tries to present a polished and socially acceptable image, the shadow side is the domain of our repressed emotions, impulses and hidden motives. It is the dark underbelly of our psyche, where our unresolved conflicts and unhealed wounds reside. To truly understand ourselves, we need to confront and integrate this shadow side, shine a light on the parts of ourselves we prefer to keep in the dark. By exploring and embracing our shadow side, we can achieve a greater sense of wholeness and authenticity, allowing us to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

The task of the wise woman in shadow work is to stop hiding her genuine emotions, establish a sense of belonging to her community and cultivate a sense of belonging to the world.

The lesson at hand can be summarised as follows:

Discover the art of turning moments of pain into invaluable lessons and embrace the ability to openly express your emotions as a strength, rather than a flaw.
Huntress: the fiery powerhouse

The huntress personifies the essence of a warrior. She has a deep understanding of her own worth and fearlessly expresses it to the world. Her intuition guides her in determining the appropriate moments to put her ideas into action and in devising strategies to overcome obstacles. Her unwavering self-assurance enables her to pursue her life ambitions assiduously.

Dark side:

The shadow aspect of the huntress is characterised by her aversion to vulnerability, making her depend solely on her own ability to fulfil her life's purpose.

The main takeaway from this is:

Discover the depths of your authentic inner power. Let go of the limiting narratives of the self-centred mind and body. Discover the art of harnessing your intentions, pursuing your passions and nurturing your dreams with wisdom to avoid exhaustion. The embodiment of this wisdom is exemplified by Mistress Sky Alchemist.

The lady fully embraces both self-assurance and sensuality. Her goal in life is to achieve the most profound levels of closeness imaginable.

The dark aspect:

The presence of the mistress is evident in the turmoil she brings to her relationships and maintains control over them.

The following is the most important thing that can be learned from this experience:

Discover the art of embracing and nurturing your physical form so that it can reflect the divine essence within you. Discover the areas within yourself where you may be avoiding genuine closeness because of the fear of revealing your authentic self. Overcome the diffidence around intimacy, free your relationships from unnecessary complications and awaken the very satisfying experience of embracing your sensual being.
Mystica: a captivating journey through time


A practitioner of esoteric arts and spiritual alchemy, the mystic champions the concept of self-governance. Utilising her innate intuitive abilities, she has the ability to ascend to elevated states of consciousness and tap into realms beyond ordinary consciousness.

The concept of the shadow side is often shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It is a facet of our psyche that remains hidden from conscious awareness, yet has a profound influence on our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. The shadow side represents those aspects of ourselves that we have suppressed or denied, usually because of societal conditioning or personal fears. These shadow aspects may include our darkest impulses, unresolved traumas, hidden desires and unrecognised weaknesses. Exploring and integrating the shadow side is a transformative journey that enables greater self-awareness, healing and personal growth. By shining a light on our shadow, we can embrace our whole self and cultivate a more authentic and balanced life.

The goal of her work is to let go of all self-criticism to become a channel for both the human and spiritual worlds. The central theme of this lesson is to embrace the following idea:

Tap into your innate ability to heal and release the negative energy that hinders your physical, mental and spiritual progress. Develop your intuitive abilities and express your authentic self to make a meaningful impact on the world around you.

The Queen: The Almighty Mind Spinner

Queen's perspective is big and wide. She knows where to focus her energy to get what she wants in life. She took a bold decision for the good of humanity.

Shadow side:

Her shadows are her perfectionist tendencies, overly critical attitude and wanting to be right.

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