learning to become clairvoyant

transformative power of the spiritual year of tarot Rachida Kacimi

Experience the transformative power of tarot Rachida Kacimi's spiritual year as it aligns you with the cosmic energies of 2024. During this journey, you will receive profound healing and unlock the ability to manifest your deepest desires. Prepare to awaken your spiritual consciousness and embark on a journey of self-discovery, forever changing your perception of yourself, your existence and the world. Dive into the distinctive energy that each month brings with it and embrace the profound shifts that await you.

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Wouldn't we have to suffer too much to know and feel what great happiness and peace is?

You see it a lot around you. But no further problems are caused by our Creator. We used to abuse our free choice, our free will. You cannot cheat, threaten, steal money or property or kill someone. We ourselves started (initiated) this whole process by making the wrong decisions. That is why this law is also called the law of cause and effect (the law of karma). There is real (cosmic) justice in the universe. There is little point in knowing what happened in the near or very distant past. There is a "lid" on top, so to speak. In fact, this is our own protection. Only from the other side of the fourth sphere of light (consciousness) can you look back on past lives. Eventually you will be liberated from earthly (material) karma. Only then is it really useful to look back on them.

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What is Clairvoyance?

What is clairvoyance? Everyone has some degree of psychic potential. When we call someone clairvoyant, we are talking about clairvoyance. This is a very broad term, but clairvoyant talent... Read more