Wouldn't we have to suffer too much to know and feel what great happiness and peace is?

You see it a lot around you. But no further problems are caused by our Creator. We used to abuse our free choice, our free will. You cannot cheat, threaten, steal money or property or kill someone. We ourselves started (initiated) this whole process by making the wrong decisions. That is why this law is also called the law of cause and effect (the law of karma). There is real (cosmic) justice in the universe. There is little point in knowing what happened in the near or very distant past. There is a "lid" on top, so to speak. In fact, this is our own protection. Only from the other side of the fourth sphere of light (consciousness) can you look back on past lives. Eventually you will be liberated from earthly (material) karma. Only then is it really useful to look back on them.

It is too confronting (and sometimes even painful) for us on Earth. It can have a huge impact on how you connect with people, and that, of course, is not the intention. You develop love, happiness and harmony by going through and enduring all kinds of situations in many lives. It often involves a lot of suffering. Life is certainly not easy. But all lives are "weighed" in advance. I don't believe in life not being able to experience it. But it is very difficult to understand why some lives are full of misery. Take a very short life, for example. But again, all life has a cause and an associated consequence. This also applies to situations where you don't realise their importance (yet). Don't be quick to get angry about something you don't yet understand. We all need to evolve first. Understand and accept the background better.

The feeling (love) you feel for the first time after experiencing something. All spirited experiences draw us in emotionally. We get nothing for free. Earth is therefore both a school of learning and a place of emotional and conscious growth. Difficult karma (challenge) prompts reflection. The more experience you have, the more focused and enjoyable you will be when things are resolved. Especially if you have been able to develop an attitude of gratitude.
Everyone can see it differently. I think everyone's life is very useful.

But a difficult and sad life is often seen as a failed life. People see many things that are too emotionally coloured. Instead of looking at everything emotionally, it is better to look at it mentally. Have you ever thought that emotions can also change quickly?So what you first saw (or felt) changed over time in some way. Please watch this for a while. Life also has so many different tasks. Our understanding is still too limited to make clear decisions about life (or someone else's life). My advice is very simple. Make something of the day (this moment) for yourself. You can start doing something with it and grow in emotion and insight (depth). Don't miss it, don't put it off. It is important to build quiet moments into your life.

All for the sake of spiritual (higher) consciousness. People who are "ignorant" about this usually have other things (concerns) on their minds.
I think everyone is looking for specific, more spiritual/spiritual information at the right time in their evolution. All at the right time. So at some point in evolution you become interested in something. There is indeed guidance in this great spiritual evolutionary process. There is little point in 'pushing' someone, forcing information or making them do things too quickly. Forced information rarely engages anyone. I encourage you to ask a few questions and see if anyone wants to know more about this spiritual information.

Eventually, everyone (all life) will be drawn to the Greater Light (the higher realms of creation). Few people think for themselves. I think it becomes more difficult when you know why you have to address certain people in certain (difficult) situations. Everything is "planned". It all has to do with the law of karma. It is better not to know this yet. We are not mentally mature enough to know this. That's why we (still) have a "cover", so to speak. Of course, it is natural to want to know more about the background of your own self.

But we don't know what we want (we are all young students). We all have to go through a spiritual growth process. And in this process, all sorts of understandable questions arise. But don't worry if you don't get the answer while "studying". If we are mature enough, we will naturally receive spiritual information (it will come naturally for you). A spiritual guide can see where we are by the development of our auric chakras. What stage of evolution are we at? Everything is monitored very closely. In fact, all humans are connected by a great aura (universal soul).

We have been given another opportunity (choice) to respond to the current situation. What do you want and what else are you giving up? You are now free. Action then takes place from the depths. Pure and pristine. Nice to see you again. Now you can show what you are really worth. Act each day as best you can and don't look too much at the results.
I think our mind is actually much more active and conscious than we think. I believe our mind can absorb and store an infinite number of things. It is actually a higher (sacred) tool that we still use very little consciously. Our soul records everything (God) perfectly. But the big picture of one's life is more important than the details, unless the details are also important. People spend a huge part of their lives transforming such feelings into tender feelings for others. This is a process everyone (has to) go through. It is part of human evolution on earth (even in animals). We all originated as very raw 'gems' from previous planets (there are evolving planets before Earth and conscious planets after Earth). Very primitive in the beginning, and after many lifetimes you gradually get more emotional.

A human being still needs many opportunities (lives) to grow in emotion and insight. So never look down on people. They deserve respect and encouragement. This is a long process behind each of us, short- or long-term. of (spiritual) development are still to be found on earth. This is part of earth's evolution. A person with a lot of hate enters a sphere of consciousness inhabited by 'equals'. In contrast, after personal effort, you can earn slightly higher territory. Psychics and his astral guides from the Beyond see his spiritual growth from the human aura (chakras). This is how we travel/evolve in space. This applies to all humans. people with a lot of hatred may feel hatred for a very long time after their death on earth. But one day they will also let go of those feelings. This is why reincarnation is so important. We need opportunities to keep growing.