What is Clairvoyance?

What is clairvoyance?

Everyone has some degree of psychological potential.

When we call someone clairvoyant, we are talking about clairvoyance. This is a very broad term, but clairvoyant talent undoubtedly means being able to predict the past, the future, etc.

Predict the future with clairvoyance?
For when psychics can predict the future, they get imagery that is clearly distinguishable from fantasies and fancies. The imagery can also be experienced as a vision of the atmosphere. You can also listen to spoken messages and important information. We can say that the future is being listened to. Psychic perception can be relevant not only in the near future but also in the far future.

What can a psychic foresee and predict?

A clairvoyant sees with his "inner eye" what others cannot see. Sometimes these are vague, fast-moving manifestations such as spheres, atmospheres, points of light, etc. Other possible light manifestations are columns of light, X-ray light from X-rays, glowing smog spirals and veils of light. A more abstract perception can consist of all kinds of lines and geometric shapes. When you tune into the astral world, you see spirits, guides, angels or beings from other worlds. If you focus on specific objects, images related to those objects are displayed (e.g. a deceased person who used that object often). To interpret a symbol, a psychic must be able to distinguish between the overall shape of the symbol and what it means to a particular person. Besides his ability to see into the future, he sometimes has the gift of "x-ray vision", which allows him to look inside the body and detect diseases. You can also tell a lot about the colour of He is also a good observer and always pays attention to important details. In this way, he will be able to interpret facial expressions easily. In some special cases, of course, we see space aliens associated with the paranormal consciousness of UFOs.

Is clairvoyance true?

Due to the scientifically proven fact that everything is energy, apart from the materially visible for a moment, the psychic is not the materially visible energy, but the invisible energy. These energies can arise from emotions, desires and longings, for example. Since we are dealing with something that is not part of the known world of experience, the suspicion of psychics is quite understandable. This proves. In many cultures, psychics are more acceptable,like Surinamese and it is much more acceptable to consult them. Their existence is always there and so everyone has their qualities. So when consulting a psychic, it is a good idea to do as much as possible to see if the psychic is reliable and to see for yourself how great his/her talents are.


learn to feel images ?

Clairvoyance requires a solid foundation to function. This foundation is like the foundation of a house . The only way to do this is to make mistakes and accept them lovingly. You can practice with pictures and photographs of strangers. Take time to look at one of these pictures and start telling a story based on what comes to mind. Don't look with your eyes, look with your inner senses. Later, we discover that fantasy and real information are intertwined. What matters is what you intuitively perceive. The more you practise, the better your results will be. Ask your friends what is right and wrong and see the results. As time passes and your confidence grows.

is clairvoyance real? Clairvoyance is energy that is invisible, not visible, because it is scientifically proven that everything that is physically invisible for a while is energy. These energies can arise from emotions, desires and longings, for example. Since we are dealing with something that is not part of the known world of experience, psychic suspicion is quite understandable. In many cultures, psychics are more acceptable. E.g. Suriname, it is much more acceptable to consult them. Everyone has their own qualities because their innate gifts vary from person to person . Some can tell a lot in trance , others use other methods and tools e.g. cards, a mirror , but also a glass of water or a pendulum.