stories from Suriname

stories from Suriname

no wan soma bing sabi mi.

mi no ben de, mi no ben de a kondre
mi sweri fu anana asasi,
na now mi e kon a kondre.

alla sama bing denki na apuku srefi srefi
teleki na obia bar taki mi na dumanka Obia mi da wroko

Mi du man mi na ka kan mang
mi teki sweri leki piking wang, ma mi na bigi brada fu ala ding ampuku.

ala wisi a sa yang wai draai srefi kibri poti na gogo fasi.
adumankama teki sweri

Wisi mang of top class
In a well-known indigenous village, I myself experienced how a then very feared duman raped his own child in 2004 and when the police came, he just drove past his house and stood in front of the gate laughing at them. Hy drank himself to death in front of a shop and then took his fat gold away put it on his car and walked home . his car just stood open with the car key clearly visible but no one and then no one dared to touch it because everyone in the village knew who the stuff belonged to and what would happen if one touched it! He got out of his dofo and if hy had a lady customer who liked said wait come I'll be right back . hy went to his back yard and picked up and a few herbs and a prepped egg and said to the lady today you stay here with me and suddenly she didn't want to leave!!!
What do you do when a du man says to you I am going to make en buoy for you but it is a wiri buoy!!!
First, let me start by saying what I mean by a wiri buoy. This is a buoy made without your winties or obias . It is an additional force that people add and often give the name of the real obias, e.g. they say I can make a djebri /apuku for you. Only God can make a winti so if one says I have made a kromantie buoy for you without your kromanti itself sitting on the buoy.(joe obias srefi moes go teki a buoy na boesi or na ini faya watra) dsna there is something on the buoy sang moes stel
cheek kromanti before but unfortunately no kromanti!!! One of the secrets of this buoy is that it has an awful lot of trefu' s and requires a lot of maintenance. It is usually made for a specific purpose . In slave times to fight and stay out of the hands of their masters.but in our times even to steal!!! This buoy is cooked with dagoe ede, among other things, and has kromanti-like characteristics and is even more aggressive than the real kromanti . someone who has such a buoy will want to fight quickly and will not shy away from arguments. There is so much energy and needs to get rid of it. As a result, these people are the first to start dancing in fire or put their hand in the water do they not do so they become aggressive. This buoy if not properly aligned with the person's existing obias can cause tension. Even if this person dies one must then follow the right procedure to avoid getting into trouble . The average citizen thinks: what great he or she dances in fire or eats glass , he/she puts his hand in boiling water but that says nothing about the knowledge and ability of this wintie because they often it is about a show and to show people how great one is . The best system is working with your own obias that the almighty has given you that are with you day and night even if you forgot your buoy at home you don't have to chew on any wiri to dance in fire .
Obia buoy
 there are several obia buoy . This is where the obias sit after they have had a sreka . There are a lot of names going around and will tell it as I know it and have learnt it. Most buais are made of iron, nickel and copper. The only exception is the kantasi buoy of the tee kantasi (singa mang) if he wants it that way then it is made of a particular vine. The buoy is an extra auxiliary middle to assist the asi in his work. You cannot just give a buoy to someone in his or her hand. One says a moes wroko feng. The obia has to be ready and goes to get it himself in trance or in iron pot with boiling water , cemetery or in the forest where it is hidden and wears it himself around the arm. The buoy can be in combination for buy like kumanti - apuku, djebri kantasi, apuku luangu but also a buoy can be made on which all obias sit this is known as the master buoy. There are also buoys with which one can walk on the street, the so-called waka mang it is also called, and the wearer will give messages by pulling it around the arm.
Strafoe tori
I will share with you something I experienced about 25 years back. A former inspector (late) told me as a teenager what hy experienced when hy was on night duty on his desk. At first it sounded like an exciting anansi tory. Until hy came home with a rooster (live kaka fowroe) with a piece of red sarpoesi tied to one of its legs! And she that on the instruction of a duman she now finally dared to catch this rooster that had come walking it in front of the police station. As soon as it happened (usually in December ), all police officers knew that arrestees would run away no matter what precautions they took if the rooster had shown up it was a hit. Afterwards, it turned out that when a regular wisi man prepared this rooster and helped relatives of the detained people to free them by beyond natural force even before they appeared in court.
You often see leftover stuff in front of the cantonal court in the middle of the night to influence criminal cases. But also knew that judges and officers(most of them) look very carefully (some have their chairs cleaned well first) before they take their seats and many have been very well instructed mentally as this group of people is very heavily attacked by criminals. Insiders will agree with what I am saying.
Berpe sreka
What does one understand by this? The name says it all !!! it is an initiation (sreka) where one will test one's obias. Zou a sreka is usually done only by people who are initiated into du or obia man and have usually already done all the other rituals that go with it. The person is taken to the burial place and there the yorkas and all the entitites there are called to test you. Your obias are then deemed capable of repelling the attack of such an evil spirit . this is actually a practical exam that you do as du or obiaman to strengthen your wintie and prepare for the real practice where you are deemed capable of removing or destroying evil spirits without fear and doubt. In practice, such an obia will also become much more asert towards an evil spirit. So in principle, a berpe sreka should be a part of initiation or sreka to du or obiaman. i want to add that this is not always necessary and opinions will differ.
The yorka fowru or buta buta that only evening active
 therefore yorka fowru is called but during the day it sits dead silent hidden among dry leaves. There is and indigenous tayer named after this bird and it is called buta buta . the arowaken call it Wakwarajo. There is also and well-known expression in Surinamese about buta buta which has to do with big or ugly shoe. What I want to pass on to you is the following if the ze tayer named after this bird gets a sreka then one says exactly as quiet as the bird sits during the day exactly so will my enemy who constantly blackmails me become quiet and peaceful a sa trong yorka fowru one also says .