Apart from money, why do people ask for things for a luku?

There are those who find it strange that a bonu man asks for a soft or soda for a luku instead of sopie. This is quite normal. Let me explain this in more detail. Some winties do not drink strong drinks and prefer the non-alcoholic drinks like orgeade, sweet kasiri, tjing watra or red soft but juice is also common. Some do not ask for drinks but a cigar or cigarettes. Every winti works in its own way. A luku is usually done with at least 3 winties, but and one acts on the front ground so it should not surprise you that one day the bonu asks for drink a and the next day drink b because na wang tra winti kong a moment dati. Besides, non-alcoholic thanks are much cheaper than e.g. gin or cognac etc. Others also demand that 35 cents or 2.50 separately at the luku. Also, a winti may need that switi smeri to work e.g. pompea, florida water or revdor. Others summon the winti with tobacco, water or decoctions of certain herbs.

Most winties work ok with candles, others don't. There are even winties who say only bring a certain amount then I will buy my work stuff myself. Zou is also known that especially the non-creole dumans sometimes also ask for things like a packet of tea, trifle, rice, honey or sugar. One says ala sma e busi eng wefi tap eng fasi. People also look strange when it comes to a sidong winti because that asi is just at a winti no e bari na ede ma de na skieng and the person just talks to the person who has come to do a luku at that time. So don't look strange at alla sort fasi a de And I (Rachida Kacimi)give consultations (lokoe s) No question is too strange to me, how come my dog is dead, is my husband walking in front of me, how many wives does he have, where can I find him, how can I catch my partner in the act, will we have another love baby.

All questions you can ask me nothing to be ashamed of. Everything remains secret with me. Been counselling people for over 20 years had started at on call lines in the spiritual field. Later, chat lines were added. But I wanted more to reach people better. I lived in Suriname for about two years. Later I joined the programme Mmanten taki where I got a lot of name recognition. After a while I met revelinio through facebook and that's how our collaboration started. Some people want to see me you don't have that on call lines. People can also videocall me, which helps me feel the energy. But it also works very well through photos. It doesn't matter where the person lives, anywhere in the world I can help you. And I see everything Some men who call me pretend they only have one woman, but then I see several lying around.

But for me no problem I don't judge. Just give people tools that their lives will be better. That is the purpose of my work that people will do better, or that things will go better in their relationship. that is exactly where this can cause problems. I will illustrate it with an example: someone who is nasi mang from and aggressive or temperamental person will notice the same with the current asi even though he is a child with all the unpleasant consequences. Sometimes such and child may become unruly at school and even end up with the justice system very early on. Such a child shows adult behaviour. Of course, sometimes it can go in a very different direction where