What happens when a butterfly crosses your path

What happens when a butterfly crosses your path

Transformation is symbolised by the butterfly. For this magnificent creature to fly in different colours and sizes, it has to undergo a long process. This process begins with the tiny caterpillar, which eats as much greenery as possible. The next stage is that of the adult caterpillar, which can vary enormously in appearance, ranging from dull to stunningly beautiful colours.

The caterpillar undergoes a transformation process that only it can sense, nestling itself in a cocoon. This cocoon serves as the location for an intricate metamorphosis. Eventually, the newly discovered form in the cocoon perceives the moment when it is time to emerge. It breaks out of its cocoon, unfolds its wings and flies as a new creature, untouched by its previous form.

The transformation from a humble caterpillar to a graceful butterfly.

Human experience follows a similar trajectory. At birth, our mind resembles a blank hard disk that acts as a sponge, absorbing information for almost two decades. This period serves as the basis for our future endeavours, culminating in our first job and home. Usually at this point, one has obtained a driving licence and may even own a vehicle.

As a caterpillar, you have the ability to move on your own and become less dependent on others. As an adult, it is your responsibility to create something unique and beautiful from your regained freedom. Your past experiences have saddled you with baggage, making you mundane and blending into the crowd by wearing the same boring colours. You prefer to avoid challenging work, instead opting for stability. While there is nothing wrong with this mindset, it does give you a sense of predictability and stability.

Acknowledge your own identity.

if you happen to see a cat stuck in a tree, he might not trust people and only allow a select number of friends in his immediate vicinity. Your wardrobe tends to be subdued with occasional splashes of vibrant colours. You tend to be indecisive, preferring to have all the information upfront. You consider whether a decision is the right one and whether a particular job suits your personality. However, you may also be open to unconventional ideas and think that yellow and purple are a perfect match.

Your actions are as vibrant as the colourful clothes you wear. As you move from one job to another, you have yet to find a place to call your own. You are the life of the party, setting the tone for everyone to follow and enjoying being the centre of attention. Your love of attention knows no bounds, no matter the source.

Do you recognise yourself in anything? Know, dear ones, that everyone is as good as they are. Don't look at the caterpillars in yellow and purple clothes, don't think it's weird, strange. Maybe you feel that you actually prefer yellow and purple because your life will be a lot less boring. Jealousy doesn't help, nor does acting differently from you.
take a step back

Everyone has at least one time to stop. Unlike a caterpillar that can only turn into a butterfly once, humans have multiple moments of transformation. When your soul thinks you have really gone too far, too far from who you really are, it will take action. It could be a lost job, an accident, an illness, a relationship that didn't work for you, but you wore rose-coloured glasses and stopped strictly.

Somehow, your world creates a kind of pause that drives you to rage. Then it is up to you to see this moment as a growth moment. As humans, the emotions that arise in you may vary, including anger, sadness, distrust, pain and perhaps fear. For many of you, your mind says: why is this happening to me again?

blaze a new trail

This is a sign that you need to move in the other direction. In your current behaviour, you are not following your calling, you are fulfilling your purpose in life, and that is what the universe wants you to succeed. Even if you make the final choice, it is always your choice. If something happens to you, consider it a time-out, no matter what. Time to cocoon inside yourself and explore where you can improve. Indeed, deep down, you have always wanted something different.

Examine what you can learn from the situation you are in and may have yet to deal with pain and grief or loss. It is too easy to get over things in your backpack because sometimes, out of self-preservation, you don't want to think about it too long or, if it concerns your childhood, you just can't stop.

These events all affect how you grow as a caterpillar and the choices you make. It is as if the time has come for a caterpillar to unravel its cocoon.

do it

This is also how you experience moments like this in your life. That moment when you realise that you are actually a bit lost and don't know what is good for you. In this age of self cocooning, you have every opportunity to create healing for yourself if you dare to look inside yourself. Oh, what's so scary about that? Suppose you discover that your armour is actually nothing. A facade that has served you for a long time, hiding behind it, suddenly no longer works.
Then you should hang the armour on the willow, see yourself through the wall and hug each other, because there is nothing wrong. It's all part of who you are and what makes you who you are. Often, experience leads you to develop a particular talent or strength. Only you never see it that way.

REPEAT pattern

Forget the outside world, don't blame the outside world, the outside world is your creation and that includes the consequences. Whether you like it or not. With every little listen, you come out of your cocoon and into the world. I think I'm ready this time. Ready to do something different. But sometimes it doesn't work and old habits, behaviours and emotions (fear) fool us.
Before you know it, you are a caterpillar again and just crawling forward. Then you stand still or are back on the road you have already taken. The Universe then gives you a new prescription. Jobs and incomes are lost again, relationships are broken again, health is under pressure again. The Universe keeps throwing facts at you. It's not always fun, but did you know that the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly takes time? you too.

your higher purpose

Your Higher Self has a plan at your disposal. It is a very beautiful plan. A plan that allows you to be yourself and be full of energy. A place where old pain, heartache and loss can be released and you can fly like a butterfly. A fun project with fun, light and love. So you wake up every day completely healed and healthy and curious about what you will experience that day.
If only I could make a new white page every day and make a positive contribution to the big picture. It is a place where you do not have to protect yourself and can live a life of compassion and kindness, immersed in anger, fear, anxiety and sadness. Regardless of the situation imposed on you. When you are who you really are, you are ironclad and no one can break it, no matter how hard you try. That is when you become a true golden butterfly of light, surprising not only yourself but many others.

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