Throughout your life, you will encounter three important loves, each with their own unique meaning.

During your entire life, you will encounter three important loves, each with their own unique meaning.

Have you had the pleasure of meeting the three different loves that define our lives? It is a universal truth that we get only three deep loves in our lives. Each love serves a unique purpose and satisfies our diverse emotional needs. In the following treatise, the author dives into an exploration of these three types of love. Have you experienced the embrace of all three?

The concept of love remains abstract until one meets a person who gives it meaning.


This affection invites us to embrace actions that contribute to the betterment of society, and perhaps even our own families. We enter into it with the conviction that it will be our only romantic bond, regardless of any discomfort or compromise of our personal authenticity, since we have the fundamental conviction that this is the essence of love.

This form of love attaches more importance to how others see us than to our true emotions. It is a love that seems appropriate.

Experiencing the feeling of falling in love for the second time can be a complex and challenging undertaking.


Sometimes it can be detrimental to a person's well-being, displaying an imbalance or even tendencies towards narcissism. In some cases, it can involve emotional, mental or even physical abuse or manipulation, often accompanied by a considerable amount of drama. It is exactly this story that fascinates us, as it takes us on an emotional rollercoaster of intense peaks and valleys. We cling to hope during the lows, just like someone addicted to searching for the next euphoric high.

The emphasis in this particular form of love is on the determination to make it succeed, prioritising effort over the issue of its dignity. It embodies the love we strive to be virtuous.

Experiencing love for the third time: enduring love

The third type of love is the one that surprises us. It is the love that seems incompatible with our desires and destroys our remaining notions of what love should be. This love comes effortlessly, to the point where it seems implausible. It is the kind of love that defies any explanation and overwhelms us because we were not prepared for it.
This love is the union between two individuals where they complement each other harmoniously. It is a love without unrealistic expectations of behaviour, nor is there any urge to change oneself. We are embraced for our true selves, and this acceptance has a profound impact on our core beliefs and values.

The love we have is not what we initially imagined, and it does not abide by the rules we thought would keep us safe. However, it defies our preconceived ideas and shows us that love can transcend our expectations. This love persists and constantly knocks on our door until we finally open it. It is a love that feels inherently correct.

The concept of a broken heart is one that is universally recognised and understood. It refers to the emotional pain and anguish a person experiences as a result of a failed romantic relationship or the loss of a loved one. This anxiety is often characterised by feelings of sadness, grief and longing. It is an emotional state that can be incredibly challenging to overcome, as it requires time, healing and self-reflection. The process of healing a broken heart involves acknowledging and honouring one's emotions, seeking support from loved ones and doing self-care practices. Ultimately, with time and self-care, it is possible to mend a broken heart and find hope and happiness again.

Perhaps not all individuals have the opportunity to encounter any kind of love in their lives, but this can be attributed to their unpreparedness. It is plausible that an understanding of what love is not is a prerequisite for understanding what it really means. It is conceivable that any lesson related to love will take a lifetime to be fully learnt, although there is a possibility that a lucky few can acquire this knowledge within a few years. Perhaps readiness for love is not a matter of personal readiness, but rather a matter of whether love itself is prepared for us.

Perhaps there are individuals who experience love at first sight and carry that passion with them till their final moments. We have all seen those worn-out and outdated photos of our grandparents, who looked as much in love at 80 as they did on their wedding day. This kind of love makes us question our own ability to love. I remember someone once remarking that these happy individuals are the ones who are truly blessed, and maybe they are.
In my opinion, those who experience their third love are the ones who really hit the jackpot. These are the individuals who have grown tired of their relentless efforts and whose shattered hearts are exposed before them, making them question the soundness of their approach to love. However, this way of thinking is flawed; it all depends on whether their partner reciprocates their unique way of loving. It is important to remember that just because past relationships have failed, it does not mean that a current relationship cannot thrive.

love knows no boundaries

What really matters is whether we are limited by how we love, or love without limits. We can all choose to be with our first love, the one who seems to be right and will make everyone around you happy. We can choose to stay in the second love because we believe it's not worth having if we don't have to fight for it - or we choose to believe in the third love.
The kind of love that feels like home for no reason is not like a storm, but like the stillness after the night. Maybe there was something special about our first love and something heartbreakingly unique about our second love.... The one we can't see. The one that stayed real. It shows us why it never worked before. This possibility always makes it worth trying again, because the truth is you never know when love will come your way.

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