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Voodoo is a religious and spiritual practice originating in West African traditions

Voodoo is a religious and spiritual practice that has its origins in West African traditions, but has spread throughout history to different parts of the world, notably to Haiti and other parts of the Caribbean. It is a complex and diverse tradition that combines indigenous African belief systems and influences from Catholicism and, in some cases, other religions.

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Full moon&;lunar eclipse May 5, 2023

Full moon & lunar eclipse 5 May 2023
On Liberation Day, the full moon is in Scorpio and there is a lunar eclipse. "You may feel 'forced' to go through a transition now. With a Scorpio influence, you simply cannot ignore certain emotions and feelings now, and a lunar eclipse can be a turning point. You are challenged, you have to take new steps, experience fear and other emotions, and let go of unprocessed ones.

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