Full moon&;lunar eclipse May 5, 2023

Full moon&;lunar eclipse 5 May 2023
Full moon & lunar eclipse 5 May 2023
On Liberation Day, the full moon is in Scorpio and there is a lunar eclipse. "You may feel 'forced' to go through a transition now. With a Scorpio influence, you simply cannot ignore certain emotions and feelings now, and a lunar eclipse can be a turning point. You are challenged, you have to take new steps, experience fear and other emotions, and let go of unprocessed ones.
This is what a lunar eclipse does to you
The full moon in Scorpio falls on a special day: Friday, May 5, or Liberation Day. There is also a partial lunar eclipse which makes the moon's effect extra powerful this time. You will undoubtedly feel that emotions are amplified now.
This lunar eclipse is a follow-up to the solar eclipse of 30 April, which kicked off the season. Many unexpected events can happen during this period. As a result, you are more or less forced to undergo a transformation. You break with what no longer serves you and take a new path. This is why a solar eclipse is usually a turning point.
Troubled by expressed complaints?
Around the full moon, you may experience lifting symptoms. These are some notable symptoms: feeling restless, lack of sleep and dreaminess, headaches, palpitations, fatigue and dizziness. You may also be more sensitive to outside stimuli. Your chakras are more open now because of the many vibrational increases that have taken place. And because of the solar eclipse, you may experience more Ascension phenomena than usual. Remember, this Scorpio full moon and solar eclipse will have a long aftermath.
Scorpio's energy is fierce!
Scorpio is a mysterious and sensual sign: intense and deep. Scorpions have powerful personalities. They can build a defensive wall around themselves and hide their inner thoughts. They do this to protect their sensibilities and create emotional security. They also tend to control their environment to prevent harm. Or to prevent deep-seated fears from surfacing. It might be a fear of being abandoned, or fear of getting sick or dying.
you notice this in your sun in bull
During this full moon, the sun is in Taurus. This earth sign uses money and possessions and keeps everything as it is to create a sense of security. Taurus is more thoughtful than Scorpio. They will not take new measures easily. They are also very patient, but when pushed to extremes, they can become very angry and destructive. They have a great love for animals and nature and are very creative. Similarities between Taurus and Scorpio: Both can be possessive and jealous.
The mystical full moon and its transformative power.
Under the illumination of the full moon, transformation may feel inescapable. Although you may hesitate, Scorpio's influence requires you to face your emotions head-on. If you suppress them, inner tension may arise, eventually leading to an emotional outburst.
The upcoming lunar eclipse may mark a crucial moment, as you can no longer contain your emotions and maintain the status quo. To move forward, you need to face your fears and allow yourself to process pent-up feelings. This may involve letting go of toxic relationships and situations that no longer serve your best interests as you move forward on your own path.
Changing course.
On May 5, 2023, the number 5 is of great importance and occurs three times. This number is associated with Mercury, the planet of communication, trade and traffic, which is retrograde and directly opposite the full moon in Scorpio. This alignment can affect and influence you tremendously.
As the full moon shines, Uranus, the planet of regeneration, also opposes it. This cosmic event may inspire you to make bold choices and explore alternative approaches to financial stability. While you may be worried about your assets and financial situation, you may also be considering ending a romantic or professional connection. The thought of finding a new home or having enough money may bother you. Despite these fears, however, it is essential to trust your instincts and take the plunge with confidence. Your heart will lead you to your destination.
The desire for independence under the illumination of a full moon by two kindred spirits.
The full moon of Scorpio can be a tumultuous ride for twin flames, with intense physical attraction and an almost psychic bond. However, it can also trigger deep-seated fears of abandonment or bond phobia, leading to possessive and jealous behaviour. The result can be a push-and-pull of attraction and repulsion.
It is often the fear of the unknown that can bind someone to a karmic relationship, especially when they are not yet financially or emotionally secure. Still, the urge to stand up for oneself becomes stronger and stronger. The desire for greater independence is palpable.
Number 555 encourages twin souls to communicate openly and dive deep into their emotions. Angels can offer guidance to understand where these emotions are coming from. Moreover, twins may receive a surprising message about or from their counterpart.
To put it briefly, relationships often experience heightened tension during the full moon. When we face our most profound emotions, it can lead to transformation. Moreover, the lunar eclipse marks an important turning point for twin souls.
Things that are hidden are eventually revealed.
If you become fixated on your twin flame or karmic partner, you may feel compelled to explore every facet of their life. This intense exploration may reveal hidden aspects of the relationship that cause you to reconsider your commitment and distance yourself. As you begin to chart your own course, your partner may respond with a range of emotions - from lashing out with insults and anger to trying to control your actions or make you feel guilty. Alternatively, the roles may turn and your own flaws may surface.

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