The upcoming New Moon in Taurus on 19 May 2023 is expected to bring about a period of calm and grounded energy.

The upcoming new moon in Taurus on May 19, 2023 is expected to trigger a period of calm and grounded energy.

The New Moon of 19 May 2023 is in Taurus. The calm and earthy quality of Taurus creates harmony during this new moon. But beware: the possessive and stubborn energy of Taurus is also brought into the moonlight: "You may see your partner, children or certain friends as 'your property'." Mind May 19, 2023?

The power that comes from the full moon phase.

As a new phase begins, the sight of a full moon serves as a symbol. This is an opportune time to initiate new ideas and projects. Particularly given Taurus' connection to the earth, there is a desire to spend more time in nature and appreciate the outdoors.

During this full moon, there will be a sense of harmony as Taurus, a calm sign, creates wonderful connections with Neptune, Pluto, Mars and the dwarf planet Ceres. You may feel the urge to create a more comfortable environment in your home or garden and focus on family relationships and home life.
Recently, you may have made a conscious decision to make a change in your life. This change may have had to do with addressing negative behavioural patterns and habits. The ultimate goal of this change is to live a fulfilling life that matches your deepest aspirations and desires. You long to be surrounded by people who nourish your soul and give you a sense of spiritual fulfilment.

There are many ways to get inspiration for creative pursuits. However, when making plans, it is important to make sure they include sufficient financial security. Moreover, it can be helpful to let go of possessive tendencies, jealousies and fears to give those around you more freedom.
Are you able to identify the symptoms of Ascension?

If you are experiencing Ascension symptoms, it is normal to experience various physical discomforts during this period. This is due to the opening of your chakras and the increase in vibrations that occur. You may experience poor sleep quality, fatigue, headaches, flu-like symptoms, dizziness and/or palpitations. This can happen a week before or a week after the event.
The tangibility of Taurus characteristics cannot be denied.

The sun and moon unite in Taurus during the full moon phase, reinforcing the innate qualities of the earthy Taurus. Typically, those born under this constellation exhibit reliability, usefulness and realism. They possess a heavenly amount of patience, but when provoked beyond their limits, they are capable of intense anger and possibly even destructive behaviour.

Taurus usually needs a lot of time and rest before making decisions. But once he decides to do something, they persevere. Taurus starts off a bit slow, but can take a long time. Stubbornness is also a part of Taurus.

He also needs security, which is why he arranges his possessions and finances well. Taurus can sometimes be possessive, jealous or old-fashioned. As such, he will not be so quick to go through change unless it gives him sufficient comfort and security. Taurus is often musical and creative, and they also care deeply about nature and the outdoors.
preoccupied with worldly affairs

preoccupied with worldly affairs

Taurus is an earth sign and therefore allows us to focus on all tangible things, such as our possessions, houses, gardens and (domestic) animals. During this time, you can spend a lot of time landscaping your garden or buying a new house and/or new things for your home to create the place of your dreams. You can be very creative with this, anything to create a wonderful place for your family or household.
Under the influence of Neptune, you can gain insight into financial security through hunches or dreams. How do you build it? What qualities can you use in your work? Which house do you want to live in? Who do you like by your side? To answer these questions, you can seek advice from others. They will help you make the right decision. You will understand why it is important to build a stable foundation in your life.

careers and finance

In the workplace, you can put more emphasis on building good partnerships with your colleagues. You may be a little angry when things don't go your way, but your colleagues can also be patient. vice versa. You feel motivated, creative and enthusiastic, and you enjoy leading and collaborating with others.

By offering constructive criticism to the other person, you feel that the other person really has your best interests at heart, which brings a positive atmosphere to the workplace! You can also give each other space to work from your intuition, explore new techniques/methods and then incorporate them into your work.

It is time to give others more space

During this time, you may want to continue a family tradition and seek warmth, emotional support and security in your family or those with whom you have a deeper connection. Eating together, singing together, road trips, getting out into nature, having adventures: these are things you enjoy now.

However, you may find it difficult to let go of your loved one. Perhaps you regard your partner, children or certain friends as 'your property'. If you have to share the attention of others, you may become jealous. You can also give others space.

With Ceres in beautiful aspect to the new moon, it is clear that possessiveness runs in the family. Underlying these feelings may be the fear of losing someone you love, the fear of being abandoned.

Influence of Ceres at full Moon


Ceres ensures that we are ready for others and can draw mental and emotional nourishment from them. We want to bring out the best in others. So chances are that friends and family will give you tips that will help you transform your emotions. you may also be able to help others by offering constructive criticism and really helpful tips. Transform

This beautiful aspect with Pluto allows you to experience real change and face your fears. You can no longer lay claim to others. You are more or less forced to let go of others. During this period, you feel free and learn to let go of others. Thus, you strengthen your own basic security and learn to trust yourself.

twin flame and new moon


When twin souls are together, the full moon can have a positive effect as they feel emotionally and materially secure with each other. They may even choose to live together and work on new work projects. This can give them a lot of inspiration under the influence of Neptune. They know like no other that they are worthy of each other and want to share their lives together.
Twin souls who are not yet dating may experience jealousy. For example, they are in a relationship with someone else, or cannot give their twin soul much time or attention. If you still have children, one may not want to choose the other. You value family life and don't have the courage to let go of what is familiar to you. And there may also be a desire for freedom. During this period, there may be fear of losing someone or being financially disadvantaged by breaking up with a partner. However, the influence of Pluto allows the twin ray to penetrate fear and let go.

Traditional relationships can take the form of alternative relationships that are more liberal.
Letting go of fear of financial hardship can reinvigorate your twin soul and encourage you to take new directions in your work. This will give you a little extra income and give you confidence in what your intuition is telling you.


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