Persons who are highly sensitive

The misunderstood messengers of a new era: New Age children and ADHD

The children of the new age serve as a reflection of ourselves, showing what radiates from within us, as if we were looking through a mirror. Their actions and behaviours mirror our own. If we are concerned, they will also be concerned. Should we lack inner harmony, they will experience imbalance. And when grief engulfs us, the new age child will cry in the darkness of the night as their tears flow without understanding. In this way, they reveal our emotions, our sincere thoughts and the unresolved issues that linger within us. Indeed, they possess an innate ability to perceive the true nature of our being and unconsciously assimilate it as their own.

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Stories from Suriname

When putting en pai, certain things are in the basket. But don't wonder why should this or that be in it. I am going to share some things with you... Read more

If you want to revitalise and replenish your energy, here are three effective strategies to cleanse and nourish yourself at a deep level.

Being highly sensitive has its own unique benefits and challenges. Our aura and chakras play a crucial role in our constant interaction with those around us. This means we are constantly emitting and receiving energy through our energetic system. This interaction continues throughout our lives, from the moment we are born to our last breath, and even beyond on a spiritual level. By following these practical suggestions, you will find it easier to replenish and restore your energy levels.

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The reason why highly sensitive people often struggle with relationships is a complex issue.

Individuals who are highly sensitive crave genuine connections that are deep and secure in both romantic and platonic relationships. Moreover, their sensitivity makes them more susceptible to the impact of words. Just as their physical bodies react more intensely to certain stimuli, their emotional states react more strongly to criticism and negative comments.
Individuals who are highly sensitive crave more than the average person when it comes to their relationships - they crave more depth, stronger connections and more intimacy.

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