Stories from Suriname

Tales from Suriname
When putting en pai, certain things are in the basket. But don't wonder why should this or that be in it. I am going to cover some things with you as I have learnt it but look forward to your addition and feed back on this.
Bread with butter and cheese: a sign of prosperity and is meant that everything in your life should go well. In the slave days, eating bread and cheese was a sign of being well-off.
A red comb: that's for the Indian to comb his hair but other people also say for the mermaid
Cassava bread and kasiri : is food for winties but also meant symbolically that the asi who put the pai every day a moes abi njang nanga dringi eng ie libi
Money: some people also put a dollar or other coins in the pai.meant to ask for financial prosperity . moni moes kong and tang ini joe anoe
Famir bakru
Sometimes I hear people a famiri abi wang bakru . this bakru has become a kun over time . The ancestors bought these to become rich . Indeed then these bakrus cannot be removed because they have now become part of the bere . However, these bakru continue to demand a human life every year or hit the family with counter urgency and misery . The bonu do not know what to do and often tell the family mie ow wasi certain smaa from a bere so that they are no longer bothered by certain things. The harsh truth is that cannot be done !!! was puru from a bere does not exist it is a blood and no one can change blood!!! What can be done though?
Those bakroes that had been plaguing the family for 50 years or more should poti sidong and a bonu should puru a takru se foe eng. Some people say joe e turn a bakroe . remember : it never becomes and a winti !!! the bakroes are called during pre. They are forced to make a sweri (oath) on the bible and white board. The sweri may entail e.g. that they swear never again to take a life from the bere and in return, the family will have to make a sacrifice every year for the bakru . so I have seen people sacrifice a cow or sheep or a goat but can also be another form of sacrifice. Usually the sacrifice depends on how long such an evil spirit has been in the bere and what it has been used for . bjample there are many families who have become treasure rich by abusing and keeping these bakroes and then the next generation is left with a lot of problems.
Fighting for winties is more common than you think people do not understand that the more you go looking for a wintie that is not yours the more the wintie will hide or give you a mental beating. I am telling this in response to an incident I experienced myself . a family was plagued by all sorts of complaints and the real cause could not be found and were about to give yet another pre.I then said to them you have too much money, will you stop looking for a certain obia because you have heard it is a real wroko mang!!! They looked at me puzzled as if they were saying dick . And demanded that the pre be given! I said it can but I am not responsible for the conseqences. I sat there as a spectator that night and as appeared to be going well until one started playing the poku of the wintie everyone wanted. A 14-year-old girl got transfixed and the wintie made a lot of noise and said oen tap a poku noso sani ow meti oenoe dja. Mie wan taki nanga a basja dape(targets towards me ) and I got off my chair and asked ie abi wang boskupu and the wintie replied yes na long mie e long psa and via joe mi wang taigie a famiri mek deng stop searchoe mie because also tu pi mie bari tide a no dape mie sidong presi de . wensi san ding do mi e go oting mie wani en pe mi wani . everyone was mouse quiet and the music had also stopped. The wintie subsided and was gone. And hard lesson from which I also learnt a lot.