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two individuals with an old soul enter into a relationship?

Despite the lack of significant similarities, there is still a deep sense of unity.
Despite having divergent interests and backgrounds, it is quite possible to have a deep understanding of each other. Divergent perspectives and thoughts may arise, but even if there is disagreement

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What can you do with herbs?

*Peace and enthusiastic energy*:
- ** Holy water and thyme**: Spreading holy water over a sprig of fresh thyme can infuse your home with a peaceful and loving energy. This ceremony can promote a peaceful and harmonious environment in the home that will benefit all residents.

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Tarot online

Tarot online

After they had firmly established themselves in the fertile soil,

they embarked on a transformative journey, and the seed of a dream

was sown in your heart.

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what ways can you heal your soul?

What exactly is soul loss ?

Have you ever experienced a sense of detachment, as if a part of yourself is missing?

It is possible that, due to trauma, disturbing events or deep grief,

a fragment of your soul has become detached.

This happens when a part of our being finds earthly existence too overwhelming and chooses to separate.

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Hand reading for beginners

The reflection of your personality, needs and motivations can be seen in the living mirrors that are your hands.

They serve as a unique autobiography, offering a glimpse into your past and even hints about your future.

Your destiny is within the reach of your own hands.

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Familiarise yourself with your aura. Embracing the concept of being an energetic being can be challenging at first, but it is crucial to recognise its significance. Once you get used to this idea, it is sure to bring numerous benefits. In this chapter, I introduce you to your energetic essence, drawing on Eastern philosophical principles that offer clarity and universality.

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The misunderstood messengers of a new era: New Age children and ADHD

The children of the new age serve as a reflection of ourselves, showing what radiates from within us, as if we were looking through a mirror. Their actions and behaviours mirror our own. If we are concerned, they will also be concerned. Should we lack inner harmony, they will experience imbalance. And when grief engulfs us, the new age child will cry in the darkness of the night as their tears flow without understanding. In this way, they reveal our emotions, our sincere thoughts and the unresolved issues that linger within us. Indeed, they possess an innate ability to perceive the true nature of our being and unconsciously assimilate it as their own.

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