'A guide for those recently reincarnated

'A guide for those recently reincarnated


In the days when we were connected to everything that existed, the idea of possible accidents seemed far from our minds.

Try to imagine a realm beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Even though this can be a challenging concept for modern individuals, I implore you to give it a shot.

You encompass the whole of existence.

You embody the profound enigma that emerged from the union of the Heavenly Lovers,

which produced the multitude of entities

- galaxies, the Milky Way, celestial systems, planets,

our own earth and all the living things that inhabit it,

including even the most terrifying aspects.


Once upon a time, there was an exciting sensation in your heart that piqued your curiosity.

Initially, its nature eluded you,

but as its size and intensity grew, you recognised it as a dream.

These were the sincere prayers of individuals who longed to fulfil their unfulfilled desires.

With each increasing need, their prayers grew stronger and eventually turned into vivid dreams.

And like acorns falling from a tree, these contain dreams.


After they had firmly established themselves in the fertile soil,

they embarked on a transformative journey, and the seed of a dream

was sown in your heart.

You had meaningful conversations about this dream and sought guidance ,

among those who had also received similar messages.

As a result, the dream blossomed and reached a point where you gained clarity on your next course of action.

In the twenty-first century, the world experiences a multitude of events and circumstances.

These events have a profound impact on various aspects of existence and provide the perfect opportunity for personal growth and development.

The ambitions in you flourish and communicate with you.


It is essential that this particular era and location match your individual essence,

because only you possess the ability to contribute in a way that enriches the universe.

Your unique offering guarantees that the events of the twenty-first century on earth are aligned with love and the preservation of life,


instead of going against it.

The appeal of this dream captivated you so much that you made the brave choice to go to earth to manifest and experience it first-hand.

The extraordinary essence of this dream found a home in you,

fuelled by the abundant...



To these benevolent forces, be it the elements, Orisha, Lwa, deities or goddesses,

You have received detailed information about what lies ahead.

These guiding minds believe that the life and time you have chosen will bring significant challenges and potential difficulties,

yet you remain resolute in your decision.

They helped you on your journey into this incarnation and guided you in the unique skills and gifts you possess.


They have made a solemn promise to support you during your time on earth,

and serve as a constant reminder of the extraordinary dream you are trying to realise.

You will never face these challenges alone.

Even if you forget them,

they will stay by your side,

working diligently to refresh your memory and make sure you recognise the multitude of help available to you.

As you approach the gate, anticipating a profound encounter with the ancestral spirits who possess the accumulated wisdom of previous generations,

you will be surprised by their uncanny ability to anticipate all your decisions.

They are ready and prepared,

eager to offer you and your loved ones their guidance and support,

Armed with a deep understanding of the essence of existence.


The intention behind this gripping story is to shift your perspective from the current state of chaos to a vision of what life could have been like before your arrival.

Its purpose is to give a glimpse into pre-Earth existence,

which many shamans believe in.

There is an eternal aspect in each of us,

a core essence untouched by the trials of time.

Deep within this flawless part of our being lies a cherished ambition,

a dream that unites us all in our desire to manifest it in the world.

A common thread between different shamanic traditions is the belief that we have the power to choose our own purpose.

This goal is the dream that captivates us and fuels our desire to manifest it into reality.


In choosing our goal, we also make choices about our birthplace, the time of our arrival and the people who will become our parents and family.

Through incarnation, our soul finds a vessel, a body,

allowing it to express itself in the physical realm.

When we make these decisions,

the complexities of earthly existence become much more manageable,

despite the chaotic nature of life on this planet.

Simply put: the events that take place during our time on earth


Of the different stages of life,

such as birth, maturation, old age and death,

and on the consequences of neglecting these transitions.

This disregard has resulted in an ancestral land disconnect for countless individuals and their families.

Today, individuals enter this community without the shared ambitions that once united them.

The hopes and pleas of their time are inadequately articulated and difficult to understand.

There are no spiritual guides communicating with a child's celestial guardians,

allowing them to discover their own path and shape their unique contributions.

The wise, virtuous,


dedicated and outstanding ancestors no longer oversee the mechanisms that ensure a seamless transition.

Parents hastily revise the agreement with their newborn, often introducing elements that prove harmful to the child.

During our childhood, we lack a comprehensive perspective and guidance on how to live harmoniously with others.


We are stranded on a tumultuous planet,

devoid of any memory of our purpose, alongside a large crowd of others who have also forgotten.

And we all desperately strive to persevere.

At a time when our oneness with all things remained intact


In the face of adversity, challenges can be turned into opportunities for personal development,

eliminating the need for despair.

It is important to recognise that this does not mean that we will not encounter difficult situations or undergo experiences that hinder our soul's growth. My ancestors,

who endured the horrors of slavery,

have made it clear to me that their resilience and resourcefulness were inherent qualities within our bloodline.

The tragedy and wasted time of slavery did not create these characteristics; they have always been part of our heritage.

As a result of the trials my ancestors endured and the decisions they had to make to survive,


I carry harmful cycles with me.

Through the courageous act of confronting these patterns and learning from them,

and embracing the anxiety associated with it as a means to further my own personal growth,

however, my understanding of my purpose has deepened and my connection with my ancestors has been strengthened.