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Tarot cards

Historical research indicates that the origins of the tarot game date back to the 15th century in northern Italy. This was achieved by expanding the existing deck of cards by adding four additional figure cards and twenty-two trump cards. Over the centuries, tarot cards have been used mainly for recreational purposes, including their use in games such as French tarot.

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How can we build pure consciousness?

It takes a human being to spend countless lifetimes in our universe to become a spiritually aware human being. Earth is the third planet born from the seven in the universe. In other words, we are only halfway there. Again and again, we are drawn to earth. This happens through the law of reincarnation and the law of karma. You reap what you sow. We are "driven" by our Creator to keep growing. This is a billion-year process. Each experience brings you one step closer to greater insight and deeper feeling (awareness). So we have all been on the road to spiritual awareness for a long time. Consciously turn your experience into something else. On the other hand, don't dwell too long on one experience. It also leaves other experiences behind. Try to make every day meaningful. Don't dwell on success and build from it.

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