Soul and life lessons: What stage is your soul in?

Our soul grows at different stages of growth over the course of our lives, each of seven years.It helps explain the lessons the soul is currently learning.

Our soul consists of three parts: the essence, the reservoir of past lives and the influence of our current life experiences. To give meaning to what you, your children and loved ones experience in life, it helps to look at it on a soul level.

way of the soul

Life doesn't go off without a hitch. We all have obstacles to overcome, pain and suffering to deal with. At the same time, everyone feels a strong inner desire to be happy. This is not in vain. This is our soul's path. Only by learning from the difficult aspects of life will our souls be reminded of what really matters and how we can reembody this in our energies.

Apart from the mind.
The journey of life is never a smooth ride. Each of us faces obstacles to overcome and suffering to endure. But in the midst of it all, there is an innate desire for happiness that resonates within us. This longing is not meaningless; it is the path our souls had to follow. Navigating through the darker stages of life, we are reminded of what really matters and how to channel our energy to embody it.

Lessons for the soul

Our knowledge is innate, embedded in a timeless part of our soul that connects us to Source. Remembering is the key, and our life experiences are essential to that process. While emotions can run high, especially in meaningful lessons, this is exactly what we need to look at to discover the deepest truths.

Our soul has accumulated a huge collection of memories of both joyful and difficult experiences in past lives. This store of knowledge buzzes gently in the background as we navigate through new experiences. Its purpose is to help us gain a deeper understanding of things and to reinforce the lessons we have already learned.

A seven-year cycle.

The development of our soul's consciousness takes place in different stages during our lifetime, with each stage lasting about seven years. Upon completion of each seven-year cycle, we move to the next level of consciousness, allowing a different aspect of our soul to blossom and flourish.

The first three phases of our existence, spanning the first 21 years, are dedicated to the manifestation of the soul in this life. Then the next three stages (up to 42 years) prioritise achieving balance between the inner and outer worlds. As you progress through the next stages, more and more opportunities arise to live in accordance with the wisdom of the soul.
Between the ages of 0 and 7, the soul takes on a physical form.

The whole process from the beginning until the age of seven is aimed at enabling your soul to manifest in a physical form of flesh and blood. Incarnation essentially refers to taking on a physical form. After fertilisation, the egg develops into an embryo, while after birth, all vitality is channelled into the development of organs and tissues.continue to grow.

After about three years, the brain is large enough to develop independent thinking and imagination. This is initially anchored in parental consciousness. Gradually, however, the consciousness becomes capable of perceiving and understanding the world outside the parental world.

My lesson

By the age of seven, we are more individual, both physically and mentally, ready to learn our own soul lessons. Its soul baggage matches the lessons your soul wants to learn. Because you can learn to fight back or they can set a good example from you.

Age 14: teenagers and adolescents
From the age of 7, we learn to choose especially how we relate to others. We discover how social contact works, how it works when you are outside or in a group, what are the nice and not so nice experiences in these contacts and what leads to nice experiences.
Around the age of 14, you already know very well how to do things and where you belong and where you don't.It can be expressed in different ways. These are all part of the soul material.

21 years old: willpower

Refine your chosen social path between the ages of 14 and 21 a bit. Even sexually. I even take a completely different turn because I didn't like the previous turn. During this phase, you vase your boundaries and learn how to use your willpower to achieve what you want (education, work, relationships, material possessions). The soul perceives how to assert itself in this life and what the consequences are (both positive and negative).

Ages 21-28: deepening thoughts and feelings

From 21 to 28, we discover how deepening our thoughts and feelings can make our lives more fulfilling and meaningful. Deepening your thinking includes, for example, philosophy, religion, spirituality and political ideals. Deepening your emotional life includes giving more meaning to things like love, relationships and family life. At this stage, our soul discovers the importance of staying true to our inner truth and heart's desires.

28-35 years old: Stable

Between the ages of 28 and 35, most people have a more stable life. A certain balance between the outside world and the inside world, reason and emotion, emerges. In the previous phase, you found yourself in relation to the world. From now on, I apply all these lessons in my life. Feeling at home in your work, your life and your relationships: this is what works for you right now. At the same time, this phase poses a huge challenge not to get bogged down in superficialities and routines. But to develop further, despite having found stability. In many cases, the process from the previous phase has not gone smoothly and there is still work to be done, such as children's work, how they connect with others, and recognising their inner needs... burnout, divorce, the economy. such as psychological problems can be signs that your soul can come to understand certain insights better.

35-42: Be yourself

As you continue to grow, the life stage from 35 to 42 offers you the opportunity to be who you really are. With all the life experiences you have had, your soul now remembers what qualities you possess and under what circumstances you can best flourish in this life. The question is whether you also listen to your soul and dare to translate this wisdom into the way you live: your work, your living environment and your relationships.

more than 42 years old

Ideally, we are here now: we can begin our lives with renewed soul wisdom and make our own unique contributions to the world. You can use your fully developed self to serve the greater good.

But hey... aren't we here to learn? ! If we knew everything, we wouldn't be here. While we go through difficult times in our lives, it is impossible to immediately turn experience into insight. When you are in the middle of something, it is sometimes difficult to see the big picture. So even from the age of 42, there are seven years, each with its own soul lesson successively describing the previous stages of life.


The older we get, the more our soul develops from our inner world. Our body energy diminishes; our bodies are ephemeral. Slowly but surely, it becomes less and less about our actions and behaviours, and more and more about our inner world. Ageing is an internal process. Your soul will anchor itself in everything it has learned. Even when the mind stops functioning properly (as in dementia), the soul can continue to learn from what it feels like to be in the here and now.

not too late

The beauty of the soul is that its growth is not entirely dependent on time. The most important part of the soul is its essence. That is part of the totality of eternity. Essence is the driving force behind all other processes of the soul. Therefore, it is quite possible to learn the lessons your soul needs much later than in the early stages of growth. It is never too late, even if the circumstances of your youth were not optimal to make the most of that particular phase of your life. Or it may be overwhelmed by the confusion of daily life at a later stage, without further development.