How can we build pure consciousness?

It takes a human being to spend countless lifetimes in our universe to become a spiritually aware human being. Earth is the third planet born from the seven in the universe. In other words, we are only halfway there. Again and again, we are drawn to earth. This happens through the law of reincarnation and the law of karma. You reap what you sow. We are "driven" by our Creator to keep growing. This is a billion-year process. Each experience brings you one step closer to greater insight and deeper feeling (awareness). So we have all been on the road to spiritual awareness for a long time. Consciously turn your experience into something else. On the other hand, don't dwell too long on one experience. It also leaves other experiences behind. Try to make every day meaningful. Don't dwell on success and build from it.

Our bodies are very destructive. Think of illness, disabilities of all kinds, the great need for a love life without a partner etc. But all you need on earth is a physical body. On earth, people with different stages of development (from different astral realms) can be attracted to each other through their souls. This is how a person's karma is corrected. Humans, on the other hand, can be in different realms. There it is much more difficult. Just to clarify, earthly people can also attune to another astral realm from the other side of their lives. This process goes on forever here on earth or in the beyond.
We should take care of our bodies as much as possible, but not overdo it. Don't be a food freak or overuse cosmetics. A healthy mind in a healthy body. The Creator planned it this way. Reproduction allows us to keep growing (evolving) on earth. Only on a material planet like earth can those who died recently or died long ago be attracted back. In this way, the earth is always connected on both sides. Find a healthy balance between taking care of your body, nourishing your mind and spiritual growth.

The journey from unconscious action to conscious mental action takes thousands of lifetimes. Many people have already shed their bad character, but they are yet to develop their good character. So we are all at the beginning of 'mental school'. This is why many still have very selfish traits.

It is not easy to imagine, but if you go through hundreds of lives, you will have many good and bad relationships with other people (family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc.). In other words, in your current or future life, you will definitely meet many "acquaintances". This is also why some people feel instantly familiar. In other words, you may meet people with similar personalities and backgrounds. So don't bring everything to your soulmate (your soul mate) right away. Compare that to school, and you are in the same 'emotional class', so to speak. They may have or develop special bonds with people all over the world. Our soulmates will "automatically" bring people together when the time comes again.
How wonderful in our eyes! You really will meet people you need to meet karmically. Nothing can stop this. You can be born in any country in the world, with or without that country's religion and culture. So if you have karma, you will be attracted to anyone in the world. In that respect, we can be a bit more tolerant. It is really not easy when two people of different nationalities (language, skin colour, etc.) have to be together. Racism is actually a lack of spiritual understanding. This has no place in the emerging New Age or Aquarian age

As you learn and gain insight, your 'actions' become more beautiful, conscious and deeper. Action is always there, become more harmonious and mentally aware. It makes sense that it takes many lifetimes to grow. I don't think it's so bad. We don't come to earth with something that is not possible. There are happy times and sad times in everyone's life. Of course, there are always situations you don't want to see again. But it is your past and will remain. All people have positive and negative traits. No one should be ashamed of them. Don't lock yourself into life's less fun moments. By encountering different situations, you can experience many things, so you actually learn a lot. Just do your best in life, take interest. Do something constructive and positive every day. But of course, the different situations in your past lives are very confronting. But first and foremost is fixing something that was not done right somewhere in the previous life. There is cosmic justice. Our own soul is our own Judge. In every life, we get the chance to make things right. This applies to everyone, anywhere in the world. In the realms, astral guides(winty s) help you move through your past lives. You have to deal with it first and then learn from it. You may be shocked by some situations and moved by others. Try to live your life as consciously as possible. And don't forget to have fun.

No one knows what the "mission" was in the previous life. Perhaps you deliberately put yourself in a certain difficult situation. In other words, it actually should have been (and should have been). You may have a basic sense of it when you arrive, but in reality you already had it during your earthly life, so don't expect big changes. You are and will always be you. It won't be really pretty, but it won't be ugly either. You have been attuned to the Far Realm all your life (according to your inner vibration/love). After you die, you will go to this realm. What I mean is that you are not punished, you enter the realm you belong to because of your personal inner vibration (personality, emotions, etc.). Personally, I think people grow a little more or better depending on their experiences (pleasant or unpleasant). This is the Creator's intention. We are all drawn to a higher life than ever before. It is true that all people evolve from a very dark (unconscious) sphere to a bright one. Therefore, no one should be shy. Broadly speaking, we are all going through the same thing. This whole wonderful process is possible through reincarnation. Life is beautiful and worth learning.

Watching and reliving your Life can be very confronting. But fortunately, you can see funny, funny, serious as well as sad events. we never stop learning. This is why it takes many incarnations to gain greater spiritual awareness. we never stop learning. That is why it is very disappointing to criticise or condemn someone who has certain shortcomings (wrong behaviour). The mistakes of others are often our own past mistakes. Never forget. I think most tasks can be done, but some are more limited. A person can have very heavy karma during his life, but it is also balanced. There is little point in destroying someone completely. All are aimed at achieving higher consciousness.
Of course, everyone makes mistakes. We often fail to notice the impact of certain actions or statements. But it is more about the feelings, intentions and love from which it was made.Was your action deliberately constructive or deliberately destructive?We make mistakes, but they are part of life. You cannot learn and grow without determination and action. Do your best and take the time to make decisions. Do only what you really mean. You can consciously let a few days pass before responding to anything. Use it daily and don't worry about your past in your life. Acting honestly goes far beyond standing (passively) on the sidelines or letting others do the work. It is not fun to see "failures" or other grievances, but at the same time, you will also see good, positive and constructive situations pop into your head.