Surinamese gypsy fortune telling cards & Death this is what it means for you

Surinamese gypsy fortune-telling cards & Death this means it for you

The Death Tarot Card is a scary card for many people... however, this does not necessarily mean something bad!
But the fact that this card means 'death' does not mean that your time has come. With this card, you are more likely to deal with the theme of 'death', especially its naturalness.

Each Surinamese gypsy fortune-telling card deck contains 37 cards

What does this card want to tell you?

The Surinamese Gypsy Divination Cards The Law of the Four Worlds, designed by Rachida Kacimi, helps you gain insights from a Surinamese Gypsy Divination card. You can explore the card at leisure and link actions to insights. This way, you can turn the inspiration of death into transformation. Do you own a Surinamese Gypsy divination card yourself? Then take this card.

- World 1: What do you see?

In the first of the four world methods, you only look at what you see in the image. You do this without judging.

The Surinamese gypsy divination card 'Death the man in the coffin, and the end is that the men dance while carrying the coffin. You see them dancing with eyes closed or curious. The background is green palm trees, a new beginning, the gentle breeze taking you to the next world.

- World 2: What does this mean?

But what do all these images and symbols mean? For a long time, death had no name because the mere mention of it brought it into your life. People are still shocked when they see this card. Many card readers say this card means to make room for new things, instead of dwelling on dying old things. From my research, only a few people tell it like it is. Suriname Gypsy divination cards Death means death. and new beginnings.

Time comes and goes

But the fact that this card means 'death' does not mean that your time has come. In fact, material death is too concrete for Surinamese Gypsy divination cards, which move more on a conceptual level. With this card, you are more likely to deal with the theme of death, especially its naturalness. The hourglass shows that there is a coming and going. The 'dead' environment suggests that 'dead' means there is no more life in it. It is all over.
different reactions to death

We humans do not always agree. Being curious, he sometimes unscrupulously sends a bouquet of flowers. The concept of death is too big for children to understand. It also makes them more willing to talk about the subject.

new life

That we react so differently often has to do with the other side of death. The other side is life. The fact that something dies means that space is being made for new life. It's just that we don't know what that life means. But mostly we are afraid of the new and unknown. Only in childhood, when death is still far away, are we free to fantasise about it.

World 3: What does it reflect?

How do you respond to the theme of death? In Third World, you discover the consequences of the death of the Surinamese fortune teller This is very personal, here is an example. In which character do you see yourself? What does this mean for the way you approach death? What does this mean for your life now? Do you feel there are aspects of your life that are 'not right'? Completed? Does this make you sad? Or are you relieved that you can say goodbye to it? Do you see what benefit you get out of it?

- World 4: What can you do?

Third-world insights alone will get you nowhere. This requires action. Fourth world is about describing and taking the first step.

Because death feels so unfamiliar and unsafe, you may not want to identify with it. But that is exactly what this card brings with it. The first rule when reading Surinamese Gypsy divination cards is that you are everything you see on the card. As exciting as it is, identification with death can feel powerful. You determine which areas of your life have blossomed and need pruning. You cut the grass. You make room for new life in your life.

So see for yourself what you can mow and harvest. Feel all the feelings that go with it. Think about what you are saying goodbye to, what it means to you, and that it may end now.

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