Stories from Suriname

Tales from Suriname
Children and the elderly very often tell the truth
Mama monster !!! these were the words of a little girl who saw the evil spirits just in the house den in her yard. Her mother took it with a grain of salt and thought her daughter was fantasising. Until zy inexplicably lost money in the house a light went on in her . In the evening only, the little girl developed a heavy fever when she was taken to the doctor during the day. Dear members what small children can often see adults cannot in case of repeated remarks by your child go and investigate and don't think is a joke because the longer certain spirits stay with someone or a place the harder it is to remove them.
Song libi sma ogri dangerous
Dear members,
There are sometimes things that you experience as a human being and wonder na so libi sma ogrie. But also experience that forms of wisi are so extensive and every time you experience something again. I will give you in the short dei tori: a young man of 25 years falls ill and after several doctor's examinations the doctor says he has something wrong with his heart. So he goes in and out of hospital. His body retains fluid and feels something running over his body and has severe pains. This went on for at least 3 months and with steps to several dumans to hear someone has put a yorka for him and then he heard pawinti. He was then bathed several times and briefly recovered but then things went wrong again. On close and further investigation, the following was revealed: that this young man had become bewitched (wisi) with a sapakara. One takes away the spirit of such a beast and uses it against the person . Such a spirit displays the characteristics of the beast and can bite the person inside and suck blood, leaving the victim with severe pains that cannot be explained by the doctor. After several days in the hospital, the young man was unresponsive and seemed to hear his people very far . His family spoke to him but it seemed like he could not respond. People !a boi bing kong dofoe(deaf) temporarily. This is because sepakara is deaf . A sepakara will just walk past a crowd where there are lots of people .
Wisi in car seat
From the victim who came to my for help, I have permission to share the following with the group: The person had been feeling very stuffy and short of breath for months.The person steps to the doctor . The doctor says it is an anxiety disorder and prescribes tablets . The doctor also says the person will have to go through life like this. The next thing the victim experienced was the legs staying on the accelerator while driving the car . The result was several collisions . People stepped to me for help. And afterwards it turned out that someone had put wisi in the car seat of the the victim. When I was called for the first time and I heard shortness of breath, I said, isn't it a corona? It turned out it was not corona but wisi. Meanwhile, this person has already found help and no longer gets short of breath and has experienced what an obia can do with an egg alone !!!. it has also become known why and by whom the wisi was put. While the person is doing the luku the orgi comes on the person and gets so stuffy and wants to get out of clothes. There after ana obia teki wang eksi and poeroe a srepifata direkt . once ended! For a consultation or luku or more info send me a pm
much preferably
Revelinio and Rachida