Our guides will always tell you what to do even if you don't immediately know why.

Your guides come in through your body, thoughts or emotions. If you are highly developed, fear can get in the way of your emotions. Only when you acknowledge that you are insecure and that it is okay, your emotions become clear and space is created to develop your gifts.

The legitimacy of your gift makes you uncomfortable. It is a sincere acceptance of the power of your gift

Around me, I am known as someone who is loyal to my dreams , and what I get through one day.I realised the power and meaning to ...the messages that give me more peace of mind.

One of the conditions is trusting what you want and what you don't want. But you believe that what happens next can happen. Your 'gut feeling' tells you that you will be fine, but sometimes your head is full of horrible thoughts that can make you restless later.
You can act if you feel comfortable at the moment, but you may have questions later. Then start analysing what happened. Then ask yourself if what you did was "right" and what could have been done better or differently. In short, a whole conversation with yourself that takes place in your head after the event that actually caused your stomach pain is not. However, it sometimes causes a lot of confusion in your mind. a little. effectively? But very human.

Of course, you know that you can rely on your qualities, your talents and your inner voice. As you know, chaos is an invisible order. you also know that your guide cannot be explained or understood by logic. After all, its essence is to perceive something immediately, without thinking about it. But 'knowing something' does not mean acting or feeling based on it. It is the experience that gives real understanding.
This event was an important piece in my journey of awareness. I found that I began to understand in my heart that the real meaning lies not in logic, rationalisation and thinking, but in genuine acceptance. This is the only way to live more consciously and with more heart and soul in the present in all situations. Let your guide guide you well.

What role do your guides play in your daily life?

It helps you make the right decisions. Your guides make unexpected connections, are creative and often bring about change. And sometimes, for me, it's also searching. Applying it to other people often makes it easier because you are more objective in things like reading. It is also a very fascinating subject that I keep reading and am interested in. I was born. As a small child, I felt things. I also saw if someone was telling the truth and so on. But when I was a child, I was never listened to, so I switched off again. From the moment I dropped my head on the ice when I was 10, everything slowly came back. More consciously, of course. It also means I can explain to others how it works and how it doesn't work. Helping people and making a difference is very important to me.