Koni foe piki wiri (Secrets of picking certain herbs)

Koni foe piki wiri (Secrets of picking certain herbs)

Dear members,

Today, I want to talk about the secrets hidden when picking certain herbs.

There are herbs that demand a certain procedure if you are going to pick them to get the effect you want to bring about otherwise the result will stay out. Believe me without the right approach, the result will not happen!

I will highlight some things about this without getting too technical and going into depth. Some herbs demand and ritual payment(pai) the payment can be : 3 pisi tiki, nengre kondre pepre , a drink(soft, palm, gin, beer etc) , timmre mang kreti, tobacco, and many more . But manner and time can also play a role. For instance, it is said that the best time to pick ingi wiri 's is early in the morning. There are plants that you have to pick from the ground with your fingers and also pronounce the right taki mofo. Certain ingi tayers should not fall on the ground and one should not talk about them when picking them. Another plant whose name one is not allowed to call out, for example, is the kibri wiri otherwise you will walk around the whole forest and not find it. There is a wiri that goes in the fodu watra where you must first break an egg on the plant before picking it, of course under the proper taki mofo etc. these are the reasons why sometimes a du says I have to make that watra for you you are not going to be able to do it yourself , because just stomping a few herbs together unfortunately does not always work!!! This is also the reason why some du' s do not always buy wiries below the market. The amoro mang asks (depending on for what purpose) that joe go pikie eng nikie fa joe kon na grontapoe(ie you have to go and pick it completely naked). Yes you heard correctly you have to go pick the amoro mang muscle naked in certain cases!!!


Born under the star image of twins and under the number 8, which was known to have the property of being inquisitive, I began at a very young age to ask myself who am I? From where do I come? It soon became clear that I had clairvoyant qualities and that I was able to read and sense people and also had knowledge of herbs. what started as a joke expanded into a serious business where hundreds of people have already found help with me voor their mental problems. Topics that are still in the taboo area I have described on the pages. My name is tjong a hung revelino born in paramaribo suriname.