Full Moon in Libra on April 6, 2023: Relationship turmoil and hijacking your life

The Full Moon in Libra on 6 April will be a huge test for your relationships. Do you choose yourself? Cheiron the dwarf, wounded healer Jupiter challenges you to stand up. "A necessary confrontation may arise. It is difficult to keep the peace now."

emotion and reason

On Thursday 6 April (Maundy Thursday), the Full Moon is in Libra, directly opposite the Sun in Aries. They are opposite constellations. Libra weighs in and Aries takes more impulsive decisions. Finding a balance between these two signs around the Full Moon can lead to inner conflicts and emotional and spiritual struggles. It also often has a big impact on your emotions.

Need for freedom and adventure

Directly opposite the Full Moon in Libra, and very close to the Sun, is Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. The wounded healer Cheiron is also here. This means a lot can happen in relationships!You may be in need of freedom and adventure, spiritual growth and expanding your horizons. You yearn for new challenges. But this can cause problems in (work) relationships. Conflicts may arise. It is difficult to keep the peace now.

How eclipses affect you?

Tip: The April 20 solar eclipse during the Aries New Moon is already being felt now. A solar eclipse is a turning point. You want to leave the old behind and focus on the future. Under the influence of the solar eclipse, you can choose yourself and what you want - leaving behind contacts and situations that don't suit you.

Suffering from ascension sickness around full moon

You may also suffer from ascension around the time of the full moon. Restlessness, lack of sleep, frequent dreams, palpitations and headaches, fatigue and dizziness. They may also become more sensitive to external stimuli. Your chakras are more open as many of the vibrations increase.

What does Libra energy feel like?

The moon-present wind sign Libra is very sensitive. Like balance and pleasant vibes, Libras tend to please others. They know how to see situations from different perspectives and like to mediate. Combined with their attractive looks, they are perfect for hostesses, receptionists and TV presenters. Libra does not like to be alone and always seeks connection with others. They can be long and wary when making decisions. So they sometimes look suspicious. Justice also belongs to this sign.

You notice this with Aries influence?

This is why Libra likes to work together. Aries with the Sun in it, however, is more individualistic, independent, adventurous, goal-oriented and active. true leader. Aries are used to controlling themselves, so they don't always think of others. You can be very impulsive, impatient and irritable. But they know how to inspire and involve you in developing ideas. If Aries feels threatened by their position, they may engage in competition. War, adventure and sports also belong to Aries.

Bare your soul?

With the Moon in Libra, you seek balance and connection with those around you. However, this balance can be seriously disturbed. Because Jupiter, the vast planet, and Cheiron, the dwarf planet pointing to our deepest soul wounds, are directly opposite the Full Moon. It can release a lot of emotions. If you keep your emotions inside so much that you don't stand up for yourself, you can get a sore throat. During this Full Moon, you will be challenged in many ways. The big question is, do you make and take decisions for yourself? Or do you consider the needs and desires of others?

Some people struggle at work

Libra's influence allows us to share work, share responsibilities and enjoy participating in the creative process together. They are usually good at mediating when things are not going smoothly.During this full moon, however, you may have to deal with self-centred and opinionated colleagues who want to compete with you.Although confrontation or confrontation is not necessary. challenge at all. They may find it difficult if harmony is disrupted. But the time has come when the underlying problem becomes clear. This is how healing takes place. Then everyone can move forward in harmony.

tell the truth and break contact

Events around the Full Moon in Libra may reveal your insecurities. Especially if the other person cuts off their words, makes random comments or responds to you or others in a disrespectful way.You may also feel that someone is exaggerating or expert. Cheiron can really piss you off. Stop! Your anger may explode. Although you may always want to keep the peace, you may now tell others the hard truth and even cut ties.

Challenge: stand up for yourself

By examining who you are at heart, you can see where your pleasant behaviour comes from, (alternative) therapy can help. Maybe you are afraid of being different, not good enough, irritating or rejected and let down, I can't do that. Or because you have low self-esteem and lack self-love. The cause may be in your childhood. For example, your parents were overprotective or selfish and had great need for freedom. You now want to free yourself from destructive patterns and fears.
Events around the Full Moon in Libra may challenge you to stand up for yourself and take charge of your life.

Help from above

Libra's influence can make it even more difficult to make big and small decisions during this Full Moon. You may weigh up the interests of others and look at the situation from different angles before making a choice. What's right?
Jupiter encourages you to look honestly at yourself and your circumstances and make healthy choices. Cheiron helps process underlying emotions and negative thought patterns so that your emotions and mind become more aligned and you start living according to your truth.

Twin soul: liberation from karmic relationships

As a Gemini flame, you may experience a range of emotions around the Full Moon in Libra. You may want to be free of karmic (love) relationships and twin flames. Especially if you feel the other person is too volatile, overflowing or not expressing their thoughts and feelings. You may be too superficial in the relationship and looking for something deeper and (spiritual) development.Conflict avoidance can be very frustrating. You don't feel taken seriously and can bring up old pains from the past.
The already noticed solar eclipse on 20 April can cause a sudden break in karmic relationships or those with your twin soul.This allows the Twin Soul to build more self-confidence and release unresolved anger.