Can you handle a lot of karma during your lifetime?

Do we accept the idea of karma?

A term integrated into our vocabulary, it is often used to describe cause and effect. When an individual's negative actions result in social or natural retribution, we call it karma. Conversely, when a person performs a virtuous act, his life is often overloaded with experiences. This begs the question:

we believe
Do we agree?
Back to the main question, karma, do we believe it? When we say karma, of course it is a deeply held belief in some religions. I don't mean the technical meaning of the word, like Buddhism and Hinduism and some other religions. What we mean here is simply to see the results of our actions. Do we believe this?

Technically, yes. But that doesn't mean that if you do something good, you will necessarily see immediate results. So when we say karma, we usually mean that you see results immediately and then I say no, it usually happens over a longer period of time.

Can you handle a lot of karma during your lifetime?

I don't think you should see it as more or less. After all, it is your soul that creates ("writes out") your life programme life by life. Your soul is neutral and omniscient, so to speak. Your soul knows exactly how much it can handle in a given life. Believe it. Everyone can fulfil their predestined mission. The soul sees neither a beautiful life nor an ugly one. The soul is trying to grow our consciousness. That is the most important thing. Of course, you don't get more than you can actually handle.
The last dozen lives on earth are aimed at clearing the karma of hundreds of lives. But as I wrote, you have more positive karma than negative karma. It seems we often only talk about negative karma. This is the wrong way of thinking. I think the more a person's consciousness, i.e. their emotions and insight, the more they can stand shoulder to shoulder.

Is more or less money karma?

Yes. So you can alternately live in poverty or become a millionaire. The same goes for (big) real estate etc. Someone from your past may owe you a lot. For instance, through all kinds of thefts or treacherous stealing. You can then 'repay' in various ways. Anything not properly received (or stolen) should be returned. This applies to everything in life. This could be a financial problem. But also that you have to do something good for someone through your own efforts, strength and love. This includes all financial matters, possessions and inheritances.

Why can't we choose life completely freely?

Because there are various natural and divine laws in our universe. For example, the law of reincarnation (Rebirth) and the law of cause and effect (Law of Karma). Everyone is affected by them without exception. If you do well in several lives, come back in the next few lives. If you do it "wrong" or badly, it becomes

also revived. We all face our own choices. But this ultimately leads to higher consciousness (and deeper love and devotion). It can be said that a great plan has been made for humanity. This is the will (love) of the Creator. The Creator has enacted various laws for this great event.

Are we then "forced"?

The majority of people do not know the law of karma (sowing, reaping) at all. You don't think about it for a second.
Yes, it is "forced" somewhere. But you practice this once yourself. So I can't talk about violence. We are either responsible for our decisions/actions, we ignore ourselves, or we don't want to act. All your actions are always "registered" and recorded by your own soul. So we actually determine our future life programme (destiny) or whatever you want to call it. Even though we often have great difficulties here on earth. However, this is because the insight and overview is very limited.

On the other side, you see the sparks (fragments) of life waiting for you. When you return to your earthly physical body, you forget.

It is actually easy. We don't give pre-exam answers either. It is best to start life as cosmopolitan as possible. Leave behind what you feel at the moment, without any prior information. This can be an extra burden if you are allowed to know the programme of your life. I don't like to expect major hardships (e.g. illness, separation, divorce, layoffs, difficult children, etc.). But your future life inspiration can make you stronger. Now you know why people go to psychics (mediums). Everyone has questions they want to ask a psychic. I don't think it is wise to walk through medium doorsplat , but asking advice is very enlightening (if you have serious questions). Despite my own talent, I also consulted psychics for advice. A good and trusted address can usually be found through through . There are many illusions in this world, so please be careful.

Do you understand the implications of seeing the future"?

You can never fully see the depth of your future life. you have to experience it for yourself. In a sense, you are watching a passage from the film "you are watching".
It gives you a glimpse of what you encounter in your life. It is a privilege to see something like this. They all contribute to your personal inner wealth (awareness).

Can your karma be heavier than you can handle?

I don't think so. So what is the meaning of life? Our life has to grow. The Creator wants us to be drawn to a higher (more conscious) life through our growth process. Hence the higher realms of the planets of the beyond and beyond. The tasks in your life can be very difficult, but they can eventually lead to something positive.We often don't realise this when we experience ugliness. Everything is pre-calculated. In my opinion, the Creator never makes mistakes or miscalculations. After all, it is his own life. But this is not easy to recognise when there are really great earthly difficulties.Please consider this.

A leader cannot change your karma. So why are there guides(winty s)?

Everyone is accepted (and guided) with love and insight, accepted on earth and beyond. But we need to do, experience and feel as much as possible ourselves. There is no point in letting others influence your life too much. We all need to experience ourselves.
There are people on and off earth who care about you. Astral guides lead you to the next stage of your life. Of course there are people on earth who can do that. Again, don't glorify it. Everyone needs a little support and advice in their lives. That's why more "invisible" things happen than we think. Guides must also be mindful of applicable laws. He should not intervene because it will affect your karma and that is why you are back on earth. You have to keep karma in your own hands as much as possible.

Has human consciousness increased from the past to the present and since the beginning of life on earth?

Every thought, every feeling, every experience is rich for every human being. Every moment, in my opinion, is useful. It is part of a long process of growth. All life, whether pleasant or unpleasant, enriches us more and more. Of course, some chapters of life are more comfortable and enjoyable than others. But every mistake, both small and big, must be corrected. All exams have a reason.

Is it possible to live a completely purposeless life?

No, I don't think so. Whatever it is, with everything you always get a little further. But we often find that out later. I believe the more you apply yourself to it, the more you can do what you want to do. Fortunately, though, it is weighed per person. Not everyone can have (endure) the same thing. So the universe definitely has something to "think" about. Personally, I don't care what you call it or what you want to express. I find it unfortunate that people want to use this power/god for personal use. What I mean is that this power is for everyone. And it doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. Everyone can do it in their own way. Therefore, every incarnation (life) is equally important and useful. We are too inclined to get involved in someone's life without knowing their purpose. Whether doing good or 'doing evil', every person has his or her own special task. This is a point to ponder. Understanding and respecting is much better than judging or blaming. There is no life without purpose or meaning, but we still do not understand the depth of our lives.