Like your fingerprint, your energy is completely unique and plays an important role in defining who you are. When your personal energy field, known as your aura, is not in harmony, it opens the door to negative energy and you become susceptible to energy vampires (or become one yourself). The abundance of negative and digital energy that surrounds us every day makes this inevitable. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritise maintaining your aura hygiene, and ensuring that your energy stays tuned to the optimal frequency so that you can be the best possible version of yourself.

Today, we are amazed at the level of unawareness that exists. We are convinced that our lives are considerably more hygienic and therefore safer. Our daily routine includes showering, washing our hands after using the toilet and being knowledgeable about how to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases. Those affected by infectious diseases are isolated in quarantine, and personal hygiene is held in high regard. In fact, our concern for cleanliness has become so pronounced that we now carry antibacterial sprays and wipes, allowing us to eliminate any bacteria encountered before they have a chance to pose a threat.

Think of the reaction our ancestors would have if they could witness our current actions. It is likely that they would be surprised or perhaps even amused at our behaviour. In the past, it was not so far off, when the concept of bacteria was completely unknown. This situation brings to mind a quote that goes, "Those who see dancing are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music."
The pristine environment in which we Westerners live today may seem like a very different world from the untamed realm in which our ancestors lived, where bacteria and viruses roamed freely. However, there are distinct differences that set us apart. Discover the enigma of your true identity.

Fundamentally, the composition of your physical being consists of tiny entities known as atoms. This principle applies universally to both living and inanimate objects. Quantum physics, the scientific field that elucidates the nature of reality at the smallest level of atoms and subatomic particles, reveals that atoms have no solidity. On closer examination of their structure, we discover that they consist mainly of vast empty space.
An atom can be described as a force field, a miniature vortex that releases energy waves.

In the realm of the universe, it is the energy that encompasses all things,

rather than matter, despite the appearance of stillness and solidity. Moreover, atoms possess a vibrational quality, resonating at specific frequencies. This principle extends to every element within the vast expanse of the cosmos. Further exploration of this concept will be explored in subsequent discussions.
Our existence is immersed in a swirling mixture of energy waves, and we, as individuals, are beings pulsing with energy. Despite the seemingly stagnant and unchanging appearance of the book or e-reader you hold in your hands, the principles of quantum physics have revealed that things are not always what they seem: the book you hold in your hands is teeming with subatomic particles that are constantly moving. however, it is also made up of subatomic particles that are racing at incredible speeds.
Like all forms of energy and physical substances, these subatomic entities exhibit a dualistic nature, simultaneously embodying characteristics of both particles and waves. Like the entire cosmos, we too are composed entirely of particles and waves in equal measure.
The prevailing belief in the Western world is that the physical body consists mainly of tangible substances.

Familiarise yourself with your aura.

Embracing the concept of being an energetic being can be challenging at first, but it is crucial to recognise its significance. Once you get used to this idea, it is sure to bring numerous benefits. In this chapter, I introduce you to your energetic essence, drawing on Eastern philosophical principles that offer clarity and universality.

There are two different forces crossing us:

one rises from the earth, while the other descends from the universe above. Contrary to what is often suggested, the aura is not a loose shell surrounding us; instead, it permeates our being and envelops us completely, just like a foetus immersed in the nourishing amniotic fluid in the womb.
Just as you have observed, your energetic individuality is clearly reflected in the different variables present in your aura. Unlike mine and everyone else's, your aura has a unique shape. Moreover, the frequency at which the energy waves vibrate is exclusive to you.

In terms of individuality, it is right to think of yourself as a separate wave of energy, just like any other person. Occasionally, you come across individuals whose vibrational frequency matches yours, and you become aware that you resonate on the same wavelength. While this may initially seem like a metaphorical expression, it actually accurately describes the bond you share with that person.

In this blog, it is important to emphasise that my focus is on the elements of the aura that relate to our individuality and personal boundaries. In addition, the soul also plays an important role in this discussion.
To make the information in this chapter more than just an intellectual concept, try this simple exercise to actually feel the energy of your aura. Start by vigorously rubbing your hands together for about 10 to 15 seconds.

Start by spreading your hands,

keeping a distance of about ten to 15 centimetres. At this point, many people will perceive the presence of a magnetic field, manifesting as a tangible ball of energy. The level of amazement often comes from the unmistakable and vivid nature of this sensation.
To enhance this feeling, try bringing your hands gently closer and then apart. Take a moment to check in with yourself. Can you feel your aura? Let's explore the nature and purpose of the aura.
The energy flows that make up the aura are composed of seven different layers, each serving a unique purpose and possessing specific properties. Some people make a comparison between the composition of the aura and the layers of an onion, with our physical body acting as the innermost layer. Around this core are the seven increasingly larger layers of the aura.

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