Wroko winties

Wroko winties

Let's start with winties who are already ripe to work . Such a winti usually already comes to talk and indicates what he wants . it kna be that such and wintie demands one pre or tafra and his wroko sanis . in cases like this, the du has very little work . And in some cases an awit watra is only ndig and the winti himself indicates how he should be called ne how his table should look like . the other cases where the winti has not yet come to talk there is more work to the winke. One will usually start with a hebi watra( 3 days) then swit watra ( 3 days) and then one goes to see the kra. A wash prati takes place and then the kra watra and the kra comes to strengthen . The prati is necessary foe yorka nanga bakru no kong prey gie a kra . when the kra feri is held the kra must come and tell (confirm more) what to do next. The kra never lies and the answers are only yes or no. This involves the use of kra kommetje and pokai tere .but also an egg (oso fowru eksi) some people specially ask for a dei eksi. This is an egg laid by the chicken on your day of birth. For example, if you were born on a Thursday, they will look for an egg that the chicken laid on Thursday. But it can also be an ordinary oso fowru eksi, but you have to ask for a sabi kind of mofo joe kot nanga ing. The kra answer the following : Question 1: which zyn exactly the wroko winties with the person in question?

Question 2 : do the winties work for lanti or only for family?

Question 3: Where did they come from (mother/father side)

Question4: is the wintie and sidong winti or not?

Question 5: should the winties get a sreka orzyn they are already ripe enough foe bar kong

question 6: which gudus should be bought ?

Question 7 : should a sermon be held

Question 8 : should ere n tafra be held and what should be on

Question 9: from which liba /plantations are the winties and moe ere n pai come ? what should all be in it ?

question 10 : which winti is your mane uma djodjo and which one is first ?

please remember when the winties start working the following things should definitely happen: kra tafra because your kra needs to be strengthened you are going to help people now and should be able to stand with your kra above everything else the food (aroma sometimes alone) and drinks is enough to strengthen your kra . the same goes for the winties . for more info you can visit facebook at mi kulturu and at afro surinaam culture . also by clairvoyant rachida kacimi on telnr: +31637028626


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