Wisi with baby yorka

Wisi with baby yorka
This form is very and harmful and sometimes also a little more difficult to remove. This yorka cannot talk and even if he is put under pressure will not be able to reveal anything about his giver or say what he has come to do. In such a case, the duman will already have to see at the luku what kind of yorka one is dealing with. People you won't believe it I had the opportunity to experience this again in recent months and unfortunately the person died after walking with such a spirit for two years. The person developed very severe medical complaints and every time the doctor had a different explanation. Ultrasounds and scans taken at the hospital were blacked out or indicated the strangest things. The person felt bad painful stitches (from the yorka peri) in the body. Since the person was from the church and refused any cultural help it got worse and worse. People I warn you I am not against any church but if you notice these kinds of issues in your self or loved ones go seek help because otherwise it may be too late.
The slaughter sacrifice found it very difficult to eat and felt a lump in the throat and also a pressure in the chest that could not be explained medically and the person emaciated as a result. Usually the wisi man lurks and goes to follow a burial where a baby has just been buried. The wisi man goes evening out such a yorka to do all sorts of things that are negative. Such a yorka is also very aggressive and will then do a lot of damage to its victim. It was also found that they used parts of the hair of the slaughter sacrifice to further destroy the person. In the end, the young person died in the prime of her life because of this form of wisi. However, the culprits are still walking free and a huge cunoo hangs over these people's heads . It happens very often that people wait too long to seek help and then such an ogrie quickly drags the person into the hospital and then it becomes very difficult to help such a person who is completely weakened. You will also notice that when the duman removes such a spirit, he does it with a special gourd and nails it down immediately. You won't then notice that he calls the yorka to come and talk because he can't talk and sometimes such a spirit has a disease that his asi died of and can take that to his victim as well.

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