Wintie t shirt

                                                                               Wintie  t shirts 

After designing the Surinamese Gypsy Soothsaying Cards, I have not been idle. The Surinamese divination cards originally come from slavery. I myself felt that there should be something on the market about wintis. That's why I designed these t-shirts. It is not talked about much yet, but the signs of the zodiac also have comparison with the wintis. Today I want to talk about an example about the earth sign. In the zodiac you have signs and in them you have the bull, virgin and ibex. These shirts are already on sale in the Netherlands for euro 20  and double printing 30 euros.If you have your own design it's all possible,you can send me an app or an email.

  • Taurus

Taurus guide(wintie): The energy of this symbol gives the bull strength, but at the same time it is a bit aggressive. This guide works with passion! Either way, these guides are reliable, steadfast and will help you get where you want to be. The Taurus guide(wintie) will hold your hand to the end, guide you well and walk beside you. 

Constellation bull. Signs are absolutely permanent. Usually in life, you get what you want because you don't give up until you get what you want. Good luck Taurus! Guides are proud of your determination.


  • VIRGO 

Virgo guide(wintied): A quietly working, gentle guide(wintie), often seen as feminine in nature and fond of the sign. "Virgo" (which stands for innocence). Do not misunderstand that this sign is less powerful than all other signs. It only achieves results in a less powerful way. Call on the Virgo guide(wintie)if you want to get the job done discreetly and quietly. 

Constellation Virgo. Constellations like to take charge on their own, but someone has to take charge and that is most likely the dynamic Virgo. Ask your guides(wintis) to help you see a different perspective so you can make the right decisions in your life.



Capricorn guide (wintie): The old saying is 'slow but steady' and this is how the Capricorn guide (wintie) works. This guide takes the hard work out of your hands. He is a quiet guy who always has good opportunities in mind. He is steadfast and honest, but not without a sense of humour. If you need regular information from a guide who is always on the go, ask that guide for help. Constellation Capricorn. This birth sign is very loyal and makes friends for life. Your guides(wintie) can help you solve relationship problems in your life. You are very practical and organised. 


Earth has an excellent eye to see concrete reality. 

Earth gains certainty by turning to everything perceptible to the senses. This gives him an excellent eye for colour, shape and proportions. And also an eye for the material world. What does it look like, what is its quality? What material is it made of? The earth has to get used to new things all the time. He must first give them a permanent place in his life. 

The wintis are the element soil: 

Aisa, Loko, Leba, Gron-ingi, Luangu and Fodu.

The winti faith is still practised very much in its original form in the interior of Suriname among the following tribes  Djuka, Paramaccaners, Alukus,

Matawarians, Saramaccaners, quinties.

The Aisa winti (earth element) can be differentiated into:

Sisi(stately and distinguished winti), Soko mama, maisa, Baka-grong-Aisa(plantation Aisa), Goron Mama, Wanaisa, Mama fu Negre Kondre and Gwambo Mama.


Other names of Aisa are:

Agida-wenoe(also agida), Aisa-ma, Soko-ma, maAisa, sisi, Maisa(Ma Aisa Nengrekondre-ma, mama foe, nengrekondre-nengre, agida, aida, asase, waisa, baka gron aisa (plantation Aisa) 

, Goron mama and awanaisa. 

Often people want to own the bere aisa wintie or that one amazing aisa who knows how to cook amazingly or knows how to make clothes and grotye arguments arise within the family. It is illogical because people have absolutely no say in where a Wintie stays.

Kondre Aisa or Plantation Aisa:  

This Aisa heads all Bere Aisa Winti from different families coming from the same plantation. Her husband is Tata Loko , also known as Papa Loco. He is a powerful serpent god who should not be forgotten in the worship of Aisa. Incidentally, Aisa reminds everyone that husbands should also be worshipped. Asked, Aisa consults her husband, Tata Loco. For permanent habitation, Tata Loco prefers trees, preferably near water. The tree is also called the loco tree because it is usually a cane tree (the tallest tree growing in Suriname). However, it may also prefer the mope tree (mope = small orange fruit) and the mana tree (mango tree). 

Bere Aisa (Bere = family tree): The head of the Wintie family (Aïsa  

Descendants of imported slaves and Aisas from different families. Condor . Prasi Aisa (prasi = courtyard) This one belongs to a particular plot or area. She usually has Kapting Ingi (kapting = Captain, ingi = as a mate. Thus it is said that on seeing a krala sneki this is a sign of impending pregnancy or announces that someone is pregnant. Boesi or bakka grong Aisa (boesi = forest, bakka grong = plantation). Belonging to or associated with a plantation or farmland.  

Mama Aisa is responsible for all winties. As such, many Winty rituals require her approval before proceeding. Mama Aisa shows awe through her dreams and shares her secrets with those who protect him. 

Through a dream, Aisa reveals herself to be a middle-aged Creole woman in traditional dress (koto = Creole costume). Aisa Wintie brings prosperity and wealth, but it also brings misfortune to those who do not cultivate Aisa gracefully. When these dreams are ignored, Ampuku, Adumakama and Akantasi Winti come into play. Isar has the attributes of the goddess of growth, justice, fertility and wealth. The costumes are: 

1. Two pages of koto well. Pangi on the waist and pangi on the shoulder. Bottomman Blue (denim). 2. Pangi and Boslenki (Short shirt or jacket or broco bere, Koto with Boslenki. 

Drinks include rainwater with Pimba, young coco water, champagne, aniseed, 

Lawyer, Orgade, Ginger beer, parbo beer, Sherry and fine wines. Aisa likes to sit in Djaroesoe Stoero and Boboi Stoeru or Kopro-Bangi. Aisa Showpieces: (Note! In the following showpieces, do not buy an Aisa to show the outside world who you are wearing) 

Bulging silver or gold bracelets (bladder cuffs) with flower buds or round balls. 

Exit. copper sink. Long-eyed gold chain. Red coral and one dollar gold coin