Who am I anyway
Dear members,
Many people do a luku or several lukus and yet they don't know who they are and what they have. Others are at it for years and have done so many wasies and ceremonies and yet they don't know the basic stuff. I will get you started for and part. After a luku and possibly a kra firi, the following things should be clear to you: which winties are your djodjos (husband and wife) which one is the boss and comes first. If there are watra winties, it is advisable to know from which river. Also with other winties it is good to know which kind? Sometimes the duman says you have an apuku! But which one?there are so many kinds!!! Is it en man or uma is a moksi apuku(the dobru obia) is it a watra apuku na wang famiri mang sani ?? you can ask so many questions. The more answers can be given to these questions the better you will get to know yourself. One should also know is the winti from mother's or father's side? It is important to know soema na a djodjo foe joe because these winti together with the kra must give consent foe tra winti bar kong. If you don't count these you can have a thousand great obias and none will come.I will reflect with a concrete example this what I am saying. The kra is above the winties if the kra has not got what is his future he will not give permission. Suppose as a djodjo you have a watra ingi and a ingi never bar kong then you start with the kra (captain of the ship )and second with the djodjo he is (second Mate) of the ship and then you go to sailors and other personnel. This applies to all winties!!! From experience I know that 80 per cent of Surinamese have an ingi as djodjo but a lot of people don't know that and skip him and start with the obias then the obias come with a kind of ati brong because there is not tuned with their captain or boss of the house to come. When these steps are followed joe abie foe for very or dwingi winti foe kon. If a kra gie pasi and a winti teri na fasi then he will come!!! The volgerde is also the order of creation . if you work differently joe can tja broeja. In creation, first you have the breath (the kra) and then the first winti you catch the djodjo(s). why do you want to skip them and start with others.? For a luku, you can send me a pm. Be well informed who you actually are and kind of begisma e tja joe!!!