What transformation are you experiencing in April?

What transformation are you experiencing in April?

You will have the opportunity to witness at the end of April,

of and being influenced by two astrological events ,

which will cause a significant shift in energy.

From 3 April to 7 May 2024, brace yourself for a momentous convergence of Jupiter and Uranus,


heralding the imminent arrival of radical renewal.

This cosmic event offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore unknown territories and challenge the limits of what we think is achievable,

both individually and as a united front.

This period is characterised by a significant transformation in the way individuals value,

perceive and prioritise stability and joy in their lives.


On the grand stage of the cosmos in the year 2024, two extraordinary astrological events herald an era of significant change and rejuvenation.

Pluto's transition into Aquarius, which began last year,

means a fundamental change in our perception of power dynamics and the significance of individuals within the social framework.

Moreover, another celestial alignment awaits us at the end of April: the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus,

which holds the potential to disrupt and revitalise the foundations of your being.

When it comes to any astrological event, you can consult the corresponding tarot cards to understand the meaning of such a shift.

Let the profound wisdom of the tarot guide and empower you as you actively explore and manifest your spiritual ambitions.

Pluto's placement in the constellation Aquarius is significant.

A call to come together and rejuvenate as a collective.

March 2023 saw the beginning of Pluto, the celestial body associated with profound change,

regeneration and the realm of the underworld,

His shift from the grounded realm of Capricorn to the ethereal realm of Aquarius.

This represents a time of potential transformation and rebirth for the fundamental pillars of our society and religious beliefs, traditionally built on power systems and rigid structures. It suggests that these foundations are now open for re-evaluation and rejuvenation.

During two different periods, namely from January 20 to September 1, 2024, and then again from November 19, 2024 to March 8, 2043, Pluto's presence in Aquarius will encourage you to let go of outdated systems and create space for a new era. focused on innovation, the betterment of society as a whole and transformative progress. The Tarot cards that align with this cosmic influence are the Ace of Swords and the Star.

Pluto in Aquarius presents you with the Ace of Swords, a symbol of the influx of new perspectives and opportunities. This card represents the untapped potential that comes with embracing a revitalised consciousness that benefits the greater whole. It implies the certainty of revitalisation and balance in the act of creation, and invites you to access your inner source of optimism and motivation.

The Star, a tarot card symbolising hope, inspiration and the guidance of the universe, has special meaning in relation to the constellation Aquarius. This connection adds another layer of meaning to Pluto's shift into the realm of this sky sign. The qualities of Aquarius, such as progress, innovation and the collective desire for a better future, align perfectly with the Star's essence.

This card serves as a vessel for spiritual and visionary energies, paving the way for new avenues for personal growth and development.

The association with Aquarius reinforces the universal message embodied by the Star, emphasising the importance of embracing change and striving for a better future.


The alignment of Jupiter and Uranus in the constellation Taurus.

A burst of creativity and progress

About every 14 years, there is a significant alignment between Jupiter,

the celestial body associated with growth and expansion,

and Uranus, the planet that symbolises transformation and change.

The upcoming conjunction between these two planets will take place from 3 April to 7 May 2024, with the exact conjunction taking place on 20 April. This alignment will take place within the constellation Taurus, signifying a period of profound rejuvenation in the way you take concepts as values,

stability and joy in your life where and approach them. This celestial event encourages you to push the limits of what you think is achievable, both on an individual level and as part of a larger community.
One of the tarot cards with important meaning is the High Priest.


With a profound connection to the sign Taurus, the High Priest presents a clear position on this transit. This card represents stability, tradition and the importance of following a tried and tested route and also symbolises the potential for spiritual development and rejuvenation within established frameworks.
During the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, the High Priest urges you to embrace a harmonious balance between the old and the new. Look beyond the surface of material and earthly matters to discover profound spiritual teachings. This celestial alignment offers an opportunity to navigate through the delicate interplay between change and preservation. By doing so, you can unlock new perspectives and discover innovative methods to merge your spiritual ambitions with the physical world.


The arrival of Pluto in Aquarius and the alignment of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus mark a pivotal moment in the shared consciousness of humanity, which has a profound impact on your own individual journey of consciousness. It is during this crossroads that the foundations of your existence and our social structures are tested and revitalised, demanding courage, receptivity and an eagerness to dive into the deep depths of your mind and manifest your true essence through innovative and imaginative means.
In the company of tarot cards


On this journey, the Ace of Swords, the Star and the High Priest serve as guiding lights and illuminate the path to spiritual growth. They remind us that all major transformations begin with a clear vision, a sense of hope and a receptive heart. As we navigate these waters of change, these symbolic cards not only promise new beginnings, but also provide the guidance needed to guide us towards a life that is more connected and conscious.
The year 2024 offers the potential for profound inner transformation.


The year 2024 presents a unique opportunity for a complete re-evaluation of both external structures and internal growth. The goal is to cultivate an existence that is authentic and genuine. During this time, there is a call to embrace your true purpose and boldly venture into unknown areas that are unfolding. The convergence of powerful energies of Pluto in Aquarius and Jupiter combined with Uranus in Taurus causes a profound spiritual awakening and personal metamorphosis. It is an invitation to transcend the limitations of the present and envision limitless possibilities, not only for yourself but for the wider horizon of existence.


Seize the opportunity to find inventive solutions to the obstacles that come your way and implement measures that pave the way for sustainable transformation. During this time, it is crucial to approach life with an open mind and heart, ready to absorb the wisdom bestowed by the universe. Trust your instincts and the internal compass that guides you towards your ultimate goal. The combined forces of Pluto in Aquarius and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus inspire you to recognise and embrace the various gifts you bring to the world.
You are guided by the collective knowledge and insights of others.


In this era of profound change, the importance of working together is underlined. As we strive for a more interconnected and conscious society, it is essential that we unite and tap into the collective knowledge that can lead us to a better future. This is the time to make connections between people, concepts, beliefs and societies, while recognising the profound interdependence that binds us all. This is an era of remarkable spiritual development and metamorphosis, an opportunity to embrace your deepest truths and radiate your genius around the world. The stars serve as our signposts; the responsibility to embark on this journey lies with you.
Participate in a tarot exercise that focuses on the transformative journey of renewal.


If you happen to own a deck of tarot cards, this activity can serve as a means to explore new perspectives and gain valuable insights that promote personal development and change.

Start by taking a moment to centre yourself and achieve a state of calm.

Breathe deeply and focus your attention on the present moment. Once you feel prepared, look for the Ace of Swords, the Star and the High Priest in your tarot deck.


The Ace of Swords represents the reception of new spiritual revelations.

Take a moment to place the Ace of Swords directly in your field of vision and do a focused meditation on this particular card.

Think about the possible emergence of new and enlightening spiritual paths that might present themselves to you.

Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself the question: 'What new start does my heart long for?

Note your emotions and reflections. The Star Chart symbolises optimism and motivation.


Place the star chart near the sword ace. Focus your attention on the radiant inspiration this card embodies. Consider the ways you can align your ambitions for the future with the dynamic power of the universe.

Reflect on the question, "Where can I look for inspiration and how can I navigate to my authentic journey?
Take a moment to reflect and write down any valuable insights that come to mind.

Today, we will focus on the High Priest, who symbolises the harmonious blending of traditional values and progressive ideas.


Add the High Priest Tarot card alongside the Star Card as the ultimate combination. Reflect on the harmonious integration of conventional principles and the need for transformation and progress within your personal journey.

Reflect on the question: 'In the midst of change, how can I,

discover stability and seamlessly integrate my spiritual teachings into my daily existence?

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