What is your method of controlling the flow of chakras using a pendulum?

What is your method of controlling the flow of chakras using a pendulum?


Each chakra emits energy waves, which are amplified and understood by a pendulum. Using a pendulum is the optimal method to assess the status of your chakras, as you can observe their movements through the waves.
Your chakras are part of who you are and are constantly moving with the ebb and flow of your consciousness. There is no reason to be afraid of a closed chakra because an open one is preferable, even though neither is good or bad. The fluctuation of energy flowing through these gates is a natural process in the body.

The first trick requires the help of a friend. A pendulum, programmed or not, is necessary. To make sure it works properly, you need to become familiar with the yes, no and maybe answers.

While leaning on your back, entrust with companion to gently secure the pendulum, holding it with thumb and forefinger. Hold the pendulum a few inches above each chakra in your body and note the direction of movement and the range of oscillation. After completing the first report, turn the notes over and perform the same exercise. Look for variations in each chakra by closely examining both sets of notes. Examine the size of the pendulum as you look for similarities or contrasts. A hefty, powerful movement indicates a tidal wave of energy flowing through it. In an ideal situation, each chakra should give off an almost equal level of energy. Conversely, a minuscule swing indicates less energy.
Generally, discrepancies will occur, which can actually be beneficial because they indicate which chakras require adjustment.