Tjibri obia abused!!!

About 17 years back, a large one atm machine of a major bank on Dr.Sophie Redmond street was robbed. How was it done? Everything could be seen on camera because in case you don't know every atm machine has a hidden camera. Three masked gentlemen (covered with pimba and red bag do around the mouth and nose. The three robbers came armed with cutting torches in the middle of the night and visited the atm machine and managed to take a very large amount of money from the machine. And now comes the very striking thing that I want to share with you: in the booth where the atm machine was located, certain drawings had been made that indicate certain things to an obia connoisseur, but also the robbers had rubbed their entire bodies with pimba and their mouths with red bag do that is also used in culture. The robbers made off with such a large amount that the bank never dared to mention the amount. The police then spent months posting pictures of the images in newspapers on TV to get tips and never caught the culprits. Based on what I saw, this is a real tjibri obia (in this case used in the bad way, but to stay out of the hands of the police. A obia tjibri deng mang disi gie skowtu.