There is an abundance of sadness

There is an abundance of grief

When a relationship ends, you might assume that the person who initiated the ending has the ability to move on without any problems. However, this is not always the case. In fact, it is often the person who made the decision to end the relationship who carries the most grief. They bear the burden of ensuring that their love remains intact, and they fight vigorously to preserve it. Despite having made the conscious decision to end the relationship, the pain they endure is often the deepest.

When it comes to relationships, some people may believe that everything will work itself out without any effort. But just like caring for a plant, a relationship needs energy and attention to thrive. Failure to water a plant will eventually lead to its demise, and the same can be said for a relationship. Many people have come to me, Rachida Kacimi, seeking guidance when their relationship is in a difficult situation. While some may hope for a better future, it is important to acknowledge any doubts, especially for those who are spiritually minded. Despite the objections of the mind, the heart may still long for what has been lost.

What obstacles do you face when it comes to making decisions? Why do doubts cloud your mind? Many of my clients have sought my advice in such situations, and together we have been able to come up with solutions. In Rachida Kacimi's case, is the issue minds , or are other partners involved?
There is a solution to every problem, without exception.
It is not unusual for your feelings to become entangled, making it challenging to gain a comprehensive perspective. However, with my guidance and help, we can work together to unravel the complexities and come to a clear understanding.

While I am not able to make the final decision for my clients, as this would hinder their personal growth, I am more than capable of providing guidance to support their decision-making process.
When it comes to matters of the heart, one can choose to continue a relationship and fully embrace the partner, despite perceived faults or challenges that may arise.
When faced with a deduction of points in life, do you persevere and continue with the discomfort? Or do you remain trapped in the monotonous routine of your partner's bad patterns?
Standing up for your partner is an option, but this may come at a cost, potentially harming you. The resulting sense of emptiness and loss may make you doubt your resolve.

The decision-making process with a partner can be a painful experience, but it is one that ultimately leads to the right solution.

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