What is your method of controlling the flow of chakras using a pendulum?

Each chakra emits energy waves, which are amplified and understood by a pendulum. Using a pendulum is the optimal method to assess the status of your chakras, as you can observe their movements through the waves.
Your chakras are part of who you are and are constantly moving with the ebb and flow of your consciousness.

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Predicting things and asking for help in choosing the best life path they are an integral part of many cultures. Whether it is tarot cards, ancient runes or palmistry,... Read more


You might be wondering exactly which pendulum to choose? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, you have to feel for yourself which pendulum suits you best. If you have the right feeling for a particular necklace, It just has to feel right. Often, when choosing, people have already felt some kind of attraction and energy emitted by crystals or gemstones. At the same time, you may also feel negative emotions or negative energy from the past. If this is the case, it is better to leave it aside.When choosing, colour often plays an important role. Sometimes people are unconsciously attracted to a certain colour of the pendulum, and this is often unconsciously associated with the energy they are looking for. Thus, when choosing, you will see a preference for red or pink pendulum

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