Surinamese gypsy divination cards

The Surinamese Gypsy Soothsaying cards are an oracle created from ordinary playing cards around the 16th century decomposed a subset consisting of 37 cards with images relating to facets of everyday life. Reading Gypsy cards is used to get answers to questions in all kinds of areas; answers that should lead to greater insight into our self to the world around us. See here what insights the Suriname gypsy cards can give you.Many people experience a fascination with the Suriname gypsy cards because of their gift of predicting the future.

There were many requests from Suriname and then I found out that there were also many requests from the Netherlands. For more than 20 years, I have been using the 36-card gypsy card. Gypsy cards are "divination cards" invented in the 16th century by the designer the French Cartomancers , I designed 37 myself with different aspects of daily life. The concept is similar to the later developed Tarot, but more focused on the daily lives of ordinary people. help with their current situation.

No people in the world let their intuitive ability speak as strongly as Surinamese gypsy. Some Surinamese gypsies flee to the interior because to develop their gift, There they could talk well with their guides(winti s).

Some Surinamese gypsies asked Wintis for help Other Surinamese gypsies stayed with their masters(slave times) because they did not dare to take risks. But the brave Surinamese gypsies got a lot of protection from their Wintis. There are many wintis
Go and name some of them:
kaptin zefari ingi
This Watra Ingi(water Indian)
 He rarely appears and is also not afraid of Yorkas(killing people) because he walks with and army of yorkas "He also acts as a psychic. His clothes are light blue. They usually have big earrings on and their faces pierced with sharp front throws. Towards Coronie and Nickerie, they are common. This winti can also ask for a pai (that you should give something to your winti) in the form of boat (piaka), in zyn pai he often wants earth (fish kind). He is also made with seawater because he belongs to the sea.
Kumantie's Winti is originally an element of air, an African Winti like Ampuku. Kumantie is a very brave Winti, they work with their brothers and they are seventh with different Kumantie variants, and they are also excellent healers. When the Surinamese gypsies were beaten many times (during slavery), they came to the rescue (Winti's) Kumanti. The forest was not always safe and the Surinamese gypsies needed help. But Kumantie always came to their rescue.
Mama Aisa also called primordial mother, she protected the Surinamese gypsies in slavery, as well as the creoles of the forest and creoles of the city etc.But today, mamma Aisa is still done prati or prayers, wasi s. But they use it when they trade biscuits, Surinamese clothes, luku men (women) working with herbs. In the Surinamese community, this is still practised Mother Earth - Mama Aisa - a woman, she is the Supreme Mother. Mama Aisa is the mother of all mothers, the mother of all fathers and all children, she is the main source. She is also considered the patron goddess of nature, art and commerce. And she loves everyone, truly everyone. She stands for inclusion, which is why she is considered the patron goddess of the Surinamese community today.

using horseback or walking they moved around to the forest. They made their own livelihood land on which they planted vegetables and cassava sometimes they hunted animals or fetched fish from the river that is how they made their living, their clothes they sometimes made from the skins of the animals .It was mainly the gift of foretelling the future and making their utmost known and their rituals.