Outdoor woman e broko relationship nanga takroe sani

Outsider e broko relationship nanga takroe sani
Strange things are happening within the culture. I had promised members a series of experiences to share with you and want to do so again as promised. A young couple who had recently taken out a mortgage and put up and house gets confronted with the following. Suddenly, the husband started dating another woman and spending almost his entire salary on his outside wife. When his married wife asked him for justification, he could not give a conclusive explanation. At some point, he moved in with the outwife and also took the car and his married wife was forced to take the bus to work. A family member of the married woman stepped up to the piay man and said the following madam they have taken your husband's car.
bound with pubic hairs of the outside woman. These are finely mashed and put in your husband's food with other ingredients processed . The culprit lives in blue house on lookout, number starts with 2...... and is from haitian bowl. The family is upside down and at first don't believe it and say they will come back . After 2 weeks, the youngster also now breaks contact with all close family members and now completely hangs his buiten vruw an . He paid for expensive trips for his ex-wife and even decided to pawn his personal jewellery (skieng sani) to satisfy his ex-wife's material hunger. The family steps to the piay again and he says : I will give you a medicine but I will first work on his picture so that at least he comes home to eat . when he comes home to eat you can put a medicine in his food .
After 13 days, he indeed came home to his married wife to find food t and they followed his instructions. He went back home but returned to his married wife after 3 days and vomited all the colours of the rainbow . (The kroi is vomited out). He was now well in his senses and could now be bathed at the piay to be completely back to his old self. The piay has used several indigenous tayers and also by remote photo editing. People sani de but sani tjibri. No tan sidong, noiti no taki ano kang miti mi!!! for more info please send me a pm