Is there a sense that a previous existence remains trapped in a resolved issue

There is a sense that a previous existence remains trapped in a resolved issue

Is there a sense that a previous existence remains trapped in a resolved issue?

hindering the transmission of its blessings? Do you experience a similar feeling of being held back by your past life?

After successfully resolving a previous incarnation, you often experience a noticeable shift in energy. The once stagnant force gives way to dynamic momentum, a seamless flow that opens up a realm of renewed liberation and endless potential.
The mistakes you made in your previous existence.

The desire of all the knowledge and blessings acquired during one lifetime is to merge harmoniously with your eternal soul and travel alongside you in future incarnations. In case one of your past lives remains entangled in unresolved issues, hindering the transmission of its gifts, that particular life will strive to invade your consciousness by presenting you with these unresolved issues in your current existence. By consciously choosing to face these challenges and facilitate their healing, you can gain the wisdom needed to avoid repeating past mistakes, freeing yourself from the burden of reliving the unpleasant circumstances that have persisted over countless lifetimes.
The innate ability to heal oneself from within.

The use of symbolic language can help us discern the origin of a fragment of our identity from a previous existence. In this process, a metaphorical silver thread connects the present self to a past life, transporting us to another time and place. To embark on this journey, request the guidance of your Inner Healer, who will help you follow the path of the silver thread to discover the story of that particular life.

The aim is not to use your analytical skills, but rather to embrace the passion and enthusiasm of the story from your core. Memories of past lives are stored deep in your soul, allowing you to make use of them by exploring your inner world and drawing on the wisdom present in your physical being. When a story from a past life emerges and you are open to temporarily setting aside your rational, logical thinking to follow the energetic path while engaging with the wisdom that resides in your heart, the intricacies of that particular existence usually reveal themselves with great speed.

Allow yourself to fully immerse in the era of your previous existence.

When you enter the realm of a previous existence, it becomes logical to adjust your attire to blend seamlessly with the individuals of that era and truly experience the essence of life in that period. Depending on the specific situation, you can even change your gender and age. It is imperative to fully immerse yourself in the story of that era because only through this full immersion can you bring about meaningful transformations.

After determining your desired look, it is essential to connect with the prevailing zeitgeist on a deep level. Instead of imposing your current perspectives, political preferences, societal norms or views on what is acceptable and fair on the current era, familiarise yourself with the norms of that specific time. There is no need to meticulously go through a checklist of criteria or respond to various questions. Instead, surrender to the influence of the era and your Inner Healer, and allow yourself to absorb the crucial aspects of that particular time and location.
Experience the story of your previous existence.

Addressing a recurring pattern from a past life requires a similar approach to healing a pattern from childhood. It involves understanding the child's developmental stage and contextualising his fears and desires. Similarly, in the case of a past life, it is crucial to gather enough context to set aside the preconceptions of the present self. This allows a clear observation of the emotions, beliefs and patterns that hinder the present self from resolving past experiences.
Upon arrival, the opportunity arises to truly feel the story the self carries with it from that specific moment. Participate in an exploration of the life story while fully immersing yourself in the reality of that era, while remaining aware of fundamental truths about souls and their purpose. It may seem like a large number of aspects need to be held in one's consciousness simultaneously, but if you approach it with sincere intention rather than analytical thinking, the ability to do so often comes naturally.

Within moments, you can usually tap into the essence of the era you have passed into and unravel the story of your previous existence. It is crucial not to get too absorbed in the story, but to fully immerse yourself to the extent that you understand the perspective of that life and understand or feel the reasons for its unresolved nature. Once you have achieved this, you can move on to the next stage: identifying the important intersections of that particular existence.
Conduct a thorough investigation into the root causes of the errors that occurred.

At what point did things get worse? When was the critical moment or event that led to the eternal continuation of this existence? Consult your Inner Healer for help in discovering this. Let them direct you to the definitive case, the moment when an alternative decision could have been taken that could have led to a completely different outcome.

In this case, try to minimise the interference of your thoughts. The appropriate and final moment may overwhelm you. It is precisely at this moment when the self from a previous existence can be helped to make an alternative decision and eventually end their life.

When you revisit a disturbing memory from your early years, it is not a matter of changing the chronological order; time itself remains unchanged. Rather, the transformation lies in the way your former self perceives and relates to the event, freeing it from the constraints of an outdated narrative that hinders your ability to embrace the present moment in its fullness.
Bringing healing to someone's previous existence.

After identifying the crucial moment, focus on intuitively sensing the specific area where your present self needs to exercise free will to bring about transformation. Identify what needs to be resolved, liberated or resolved to bring about life completion. Keep in mind that as long as you remain consistent with the logic, time frame and setting of the story, you have enough flexibility to make changes.

By providing a safe environment in which the former self can experience deep emotions, one can effectively assist in the healing process that may have been hindered in the past.
One option is to personally introduce yourself to someone else from that time, someone who has the knowledge, encouragement or advice that can help you.
Just as you would help a wounded child rewrite his or her story, you have the ability to step back into your own childhood and take on the role of another parent figure.
It can be a great help to help yourself clarify a belief that has resulted in choices that do not align well with your authentic self and genuine desires.
Examine the underlying fear or belief that drives the self and identify the necessary support to authentically embrace its purpose and love its path. Your responsibility is to facilitate its reconciliation with its life, recognising that the self does not require an eternal existence, nor that its journey must align with your idealised notions of a perfect existence. The wounds from past lives that require healing depend on the points at which the story stagnates.


Keep in mind that when you connect with your deepest being, you possess the ability to explore, take risks and learn from your mistakes. While exploring your past incarnations, don't let pursuing an ideal solution hinder you. Instead, seize the opportunity to experiment with different concepts, evaluate their effectiveness, and if they fall short, stay calm and move on to another approach.
Recording a previous existence

After successfully resolving a past life, a noticeable shift occurs in the energy that was previously stagnant. This transformation brings about a sense of momentum, a natural flow and an emergence of regained liberation and potential. The energy of the soul, once trapped in an unresolved existence, is finally released. In the language of symbolism, this liberated energy often manifests as a pristine orb or a precious gemstone. Tap into this revitalised energy and follow its path along the silver thread, tracing its journey to the past life and returning to the inner landscape where you initially encountered this transformative force.

Hidden in the sphere or gemstone are the profound wisdom, maturity, gifts and crucial experiences from a past life that were previously inaccessible because of their entanglement with unresolved issues in this present life. Let the sphere penetrate your inner landscape and fully absorb its essence into your present self. It is not a matter of taking over the self of the past, but rather embracing the whole of it in your being.
Within you resides the essence that has either disappeared or will disappear once you assimilate the realm. The unprocessed energy from your past life is absorbed, giving you the opportunity to take new paths and eradicate the patterns stuck in that previous existence. By doing this, you correct the decisions you made in lives before your current one.

The process of integrating past lives can be surprisingly quick and effortless compared to other forms of healing. The profound healing takes place at such a deep level of the soul that you find this changes naturally without any intentional effort on your part. It is helpful to remain aware of the integration process and consciously harness the released energy for your own growth and transformation.
Embrace the transformative power that life has in store for you.

Instead of accepting a small adjustment, have the power to intentionally participate in the healing process and generate deeper transformations in your life. Ask yourself, "How does this healing affect the essence of my being?" Armed with the knowledge that a fundamental shift has taken place in my sense of self, what actions can I take or not take to authentically embody this transformative change?

By making a connection with the resolution of a previous existence, you guarantee that you will not repeat the mistakes you committed during that previous life in your current one. Healing from past lives, more than any other form of healing, emphasises the importance of acquiring knowledge, assimilating it and applying it in your actions. It is illogical to believe that you can keep repeating the same mistakes for countless lifetimes.
The ultimate expression of exercising your personal freedom of choice as a human being is arguably achieved when you choose to end this existence. As you reflect on the multitude of wonderful mistakes you have committed and then rectified, you will undoubtedly gain new insights and new blessings that you can embrace in your future incarnations.