have had a death experience

have experienced death

those who have experienced a near-death experience. It radiates a tremendous amount of love that exceeds the intensity of earthly love and transcends all other emotions.

I often come across discussions about the interconnectedness of all things, where time and space seem to dissolve. This profound connection encompasses everything and everyone, creating a sense of oneness. In this state, I realise that I am not separate from anyone; we are all interconnected. Every action and thought we have has far-reaching consequences beyond our limited perception. It is only when we experience this first-hand that we truly understand how even the smallest actions and thoughts can form distant realms beyond our imagination.

In moments on the brink of death, individuals often encounter new connections that were previously invisible. These encounters yield profound insights into the world, the human body and their own existence. The intensity of such an experience can be disorienting, making it difficult to process. Some people may even harbour resentment towards caregivers for their continued existence, or they may venture out into the streets to share the profound message they have received, but are disappointed because their words fall on deaf ears. More often than not, those who have experienced a near-death experience are so overwhelmed by their encounter that they choose to remain silent, fearing that their experiences will be rejected or ridiculed.

The number of near-death experiences is increasing, thanks to advances in medical technology that enable resuscitation. However, these experiences are still not widely recognised or understood. The general understanding of near-death experiences is limited to a tunnel of light, which is often attributed to lack of oxygen or drug effects. Even within the medical community, doctors tend to dismiss these experiences, leaving individuals feeling isolated. Yet near-death experiences are undeniably extraordinary, as even mainstream science has recognised.

Experiencing a near-death encounter is a profound and life-changing event that completely turns one's perception of the world upside down. Individuals undergo a radical transformation in which their senses become hyper-aware and heightened, making them sensitive to even the smallest stimuli such as light and sound. They find that they cannot tolerate any form of conflict or disagreement, as their new outlook on life prioritises harmony and peace. The overwhelming sense of love and vastness experienced during near-death encounter also leads to a deep longing for a place called 'home'. Materialistic pursuits such as wealth and power lose their meaning and are replaced by a deep desire to spread love, explore spirituality and fulfil their life purpose. However, this transformation can lead to a sense of alienation from those around them, especially in relationships. Yet there are cases where partners make an effort to understand and embrace their loved one's near-death experience, resulting in their own remarkable growth and expanded awareness. Ultimately, a near-death experience has the potential to bring about beautiful and transformative meaning in the lives of individuals.

a medium who has personally experienced an out-of-body encounter, the separation of spiritual and physical energy takes place at the precise moment of death. got a deep insight into its essence and the profound impact it holds.

In the midst of a confrontation with death, the physical and mental aspects of a person do not actually release their grip, but their energy is temporarily transported to the destination that awaits us all. Consequently, the actual act of dying can be even more awe-inspiring and profound. I believe a near-death experience is an integral part of an individual's life journey. It often serves as a wake-up call, or even a catalyst for transformative change, forcing a person to leave the familiar path and move in a new direction. Those who undergo this extraordinary encounter are immersed in a love that defies verbal expression, and therein lies the greatest challenge. The aftermath. The experience of being enveloped in a realm full of love and the emotions it evokes is indescribable, and it fails to adapt to our earthly existence. The struggle lies in finding someone who understands your journey, and the anguish is palpable when your profound encounters, which feel undeniably real, are dismissed as mere fabrications.

Just as the earth is enveloped by its atmosphere, our bodies are surrounded by an aura. This energetic field serves as a shield, keeping anything that does not belong there at bay. When we are protected by our own energy, both our physical and mental states can relax, allowing transformative experiences such as near-death encounters to take place. It is in these moments that we can deepen our exploration of our life's purpose and potential for personal growth. Even if we simply focus on a single positive aspect and start working towards it, our own consciousness expands and that glimmer of light blossoms into a shining beacon in the world.