colours and their connection to the chakras

colours and their connection to the chakras

What colours are there?

The seven colours of the rainbow are created by the combination of the three primary colours.

These colours have the ability to regulate the responses of the endocrine and neurophysiological systems through the chakras, promoting harmonious activities in your cells.

Read below to discover the impact of each colour on your chakras.


What does the colour red mean?

The colour red is associated with self-esteem and provides a boost of energy.

It aids in grounding and survival, while also promoting awareness and nourishing the first chakra and adrenal glands.


What does the colour orange stand for?

the colour orange for self-control and fun.

It induces a sense of exuberance and celebration and is known for its healing properties in relation to shock and trauma.

Moreover, it nourishes the second sacral chakra and the gonads.

What nutrition is needed for the optimal functioning of your cells?

The colour yellow represents spontaneity, cheerfulness, the acquisition of knowledge,

concentration and nutrition of your solar plexus and parotid gland.

On the other hand, green symbolises self-confidence, relaxation, harmony, balance and the nourishment of your heart chakra and thymus gland.

The colour blue stands for?

The colour blue symbolises a sense of calm and peace, which has a calming effect and creates confidence.

It also facilitates communication with the outside world and nourishes both the throat chakra and the thyroid gland.

On the other hand, indigo represents intuition and heightened awareness of perception,

feelings and auditory senses.

It has the power to dissolve negativity and grant access to hidden memories in the depths of one's soul.

Indigo serves as nourishment for the third eye and pituitary gland.


The colour violet stands for?

Violet represents the transformative power that is healing,

brings spiritual insight and liberation for the soul and provides nourishment for both the crown chakra and pineal gland.

How radiation from coloured light affects your aura,


energy levels and chakras?


What nutrition is needed for the optimal functioning of your cells?

These glands are responsible for maintaining hormonal balance,

a crucial aspect of overall physical harmony.

The chakras, which serve as energetic nodes,

provide our entire being with vitality and enthusiasm,

and colour plays a crucial role in this process.


There is no denying that we are essentially beings made up of light,

because it is stored in our cells and activates a host of internal forces.

Life itself cannot exist without light, and energy does not exist if there is no colour.

Below is a compilation of the numerous benefits colour offers us.

By recharging your battery, boosting energy levels,

deepen breathing, improve metabolism,

balancing hormones,


How do you improve mood swings?


Brighten your appearance and promote overall health,

This practice serves as a preventive measure against premature ageing, making you feel lighter and more vibrant,

is going to feel.

To truly understand the enormous power that colours possess, you need to experience first-hand their captivating influence, as eloquently expressed by Greeting.


Which energy and colours give you more light ?


Are you looking to increase energy levels, mental clarity,

a short break because personal reflection, but also towards inner peace and balance?

Want to alleviate any complaints you may have?

Discover first-hand the impact that coloured light can have on your energy, mental state and physical well-being. Experience a complete revitalisation and new energy of your entire being.


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