Faith and disbelief , amazement and sometimes very shocked!!!

Faith and disbelief , amazement and sometimes very shocked!!! My God my husband, my God my wife, I don't believe. Is it true, indeed, he does indeed not give me any more money and comes home late. Yes, she is short and goes out all day without adequate explanation. The person is sometimes absent and looks around anxiously and strangely. Disi na de sani te deng e koti wang luku. So lesi ai watra e fadong froe de jo e taki sani ang e opo deng ai tru tru. Indeed my husband has been away from home for 6 months with another woman. He calls me but says he cannot leave because it seems like something is keeping him there. My wife has changed extremely within 2 weeks and moved in with a man who is financially stripping her bare. The children suddenly won't even see them and they are looking for their mother. People wisi tori!!!!!!!!! These are some of my real-life examples that I experience on a daily basis. Deng pobleeem disi lai dangerous, but are still in taboo. Sani the people no mek joke We experience different things in our practice in Suriname and the Netherlands . among which the above are just some of them zyn .