amoro mang

amoro mang

After I wrote something about amoro mang a few weeks ago, I have had many requests to tell even more about this herb and the almost limitless possibilities this plant possesses. To every rule there is an exception but today I will cover a tapoe made with amoro mang . a tapoe desi e sori soema de na gron and soema de na bilo. A tapoe desi e sori dat sma de moro mang!!! When one approaches this plant, firstly, it has to be pulled out of the ground with the growth direction. If you pull it out of the ground in the other direction then you are destroying your luck. If the tapoe is meant for yourself and joe no wani sma kon g nanga hebi na joe tapoe, no kon beri batra na joe mofo doro or djari en yorka en bakroe no kesi kans foe over master joe then you look for the plant in the forest where it grows. The plant must not just be growing in bushes though. You pay ritual men say mie ab joe vanodoe foe protect mie foe sma no waka na mi tapoe, foe yorka nanga bakroe no kong hard mie.... (all this in your pangi and if you are standing in front of the plant then in your bare body) from that moment on a wiri desi e trong joe krosi na joe skieng (just as clothes are meant to protect your body so will this tapoe also protect) and te joe pai eng boeng en koti a proper mofo a tapoe disi kan doe wonder. A tapoe desi mie lerie foe owru dumang sang unfortunately no de moro but mie e use te e dei foe tide ete.



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