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I want to talk ove adumankama today. Very little is known about this wintie there is a wash of secrecy. There is a lot of fighting in families and everyone claims this wintie is with them. I can tell you that this wintie tends to settle right with people who are not fighting for it at all.This wintie beats elderly fighter bosses and envies over eng abari tapoe wang gran pikin just . This obia is normally very quiet and can give even finer messages himself than the apuku and ingi. He shines through if you were to compare them to other obias. If this wintie tells you not to go to a certain place tomorrow or about tomorrow or not to do something don't ask why . One hundred per cent it is for your own best a obia disi ai sjie sani a fesi. He is less inclined to show up with people but when it comes to giving messages, he is world champion. An important difference with the apuku is that apuku na beautiful mang as it is often said within wintie circles. The apuku ow sori dat a de and mofu no srutu eng na prit pangi. Someone who has an adumang kama( a duman kama ) is almost always able to do a luku or small work for people. This is also the reason why so much is fought over this wintie but also because there is only one in the bere. On the other hand, I say again if a mang disi tja buskupu tak wang tafra moes gie then you should not be stingy to do it because otherwise the consequences will not be pretty as I recently experienced with someone. The person himself tried to put en tafra for this obia because that person felt I am not going to let any duman come and pay me hard-earned money. Well dear people a no waka beautiful gie a tranga jesi sma desi jere. The winti asked and chicken but the chicken had to be bought alive and slaughtered and then put on the table cooked. The tranga jesi asi ignored this message and bought a ready-to-cook chicken from the butcher shop mik sani meti eng a day foe a tafra . the fact that this winti demanded a live chicken comes from customs from Africa where people use as little meat as possible from the fridge and freezer.
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